Reframing: Lockdown from your perspective

22 March 2021

Words by Sophia Razvi and you

"I’ve learnt to control my relationship with light. Each morning I notice the sun rising slightly earlier, a clue that spring is en route." - Tallulah

No one knows what the future holds. Something that has been ever so kindly reasserted to us as at every twist and turn over the last 12 months. Just when we think we're into the light, we enter another tunnel. Yet in times of uncertainty, we have been finding some small comfort in reframing our perspective. Searching for the positive. Seeking out the lesson, however minor or insignificant it may seem. They add up.

Last month, we decided to reach out to the Boys by Girls community to hear how you'd been coping over the past year. By no means has it been plain sailing - that much we can personally vouch for - however with a little bit of patience, and a whole lot more of that wonderful thing called hindsight, out of struggle comes strength. With that in mind, we asked you to share any lessons you've learned, advice you've received, or wisdom you've gained since the Coronavirus pandemic.

What we learnt is that sometimes we have no choice but to embrace loneliness. We should not be afraid to press pause, the rhythm of life will find us right where we're supposed to be. Step outside your comfort zone - the memories you'll make will be worth it. When adrift, find an anchor and hold onto it.

The words may be small, but their power is infinite. May you find as much comfort as we have from these beautiful offerings.

David Gillespie
David Gillespie Text

Contribution by David Gillespie

Tallulah Smith Text
Tallulah Smith

Contribution by Tallulah Smith

Ana Burn
Ana Burn Text

Contribution by Ana Burn

Carla Segovia Text
Carla Segovia

Contribution by Carla Segovia

Sage Taber
Sage Taber Text

Contribution by Sage Taber

Marjorie Casinillo Text

Contribution by Marjorie Casinillo

Bekkah Text

Contribution by Bekkah

Florence Law Text
Florence Law

Contribution by Florence Law

Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen Text

Contribution by Kyle Allen

Abigail Stanley Text
Abigail Stanley

Contribution by Abigail Stanley

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