Before the Sky Closes

Come, play beneath the closing sky! Emily Hlavac Green slows time - before emerald turns to amber, before bicyclists zip past in blurred flashes. Today, New York wants to linger.

Remember when we lived so freely?
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James McVey

When we chatted with James McVey, he just put his first solo show on sale, describing the feeling like being on a “knife edge” (‘head of a needle,’ perhaps?) We talk about this specific feeling, the one he might be experiencing now having just released his EP, ‘Manabi’, “a fucking public diary entry!”

Skipping stones
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Louis Hofmann

Louis Hofmann likes to drift away. During our conversation, music transports us to the past and smells (both pleasant and not-so-pleasant) take us to each birthday and the delightfully dusty belly of his cat. In acting, he drops into completely different worlds. Let yourself drift…

What do you question?
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BBG Loves

"Modern Strange Love" by POL

Dutch new wave duo Pol has returned with their latest single, ‘Modern Strange Love’, and today we bring you an exclusive premiere of the accompanying music video shot entirely on 35mm film. Brothers Ruben and Matthijs Pol, whose career credentials include a string of modelling gigs, are the epitome of new wave in every sense.

Exclusive: "Modern Strange Love" by POL

Omar Rudberg

As we pay homage to Pride, in collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire, we cast the light on 'Young Royals' star Omar Rudberg to dive into what pride means to him.

We are close but not close enough
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