Something to Keep You Reading

14 August 2020

In another world, we’d be knee-deep in production for our Autumn/Winter print issue right now.

But as the universe has it, you will need to wait until 2021 to hold a beautiful copy of our next chapter in your arms. To sweeten the blow, and to keep you reading until then, we have made available four back-issues to purchase from our online store. We have added Issue 7, Issue 8, and Issue 9 as eBooks alongside issues 10-13. Issue 6 has been added in print, as we had more issues in storage available, and of course, Issue 15 is still available to buy in print.

Throughout each chapter of Boys by Girls we stay true to our roots, telling personal stories in intimate settings. We peel back the layers of the contemporary young man, and in these back-issues you’ll meet artists such as Raleigh Ritchie, Nothing But Thieves, Madeon, Anders Hayward and Lewis Watson. From The Truth About Boys to Obsessions, The Trouble with Boys to Growing Sideways, each issue is a new step in our journey of boyhood exploration. All seen through the lens of women, as they interpret these journeys.

Head to our shop to browse the full catalogue and dive in.

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