At the End of the Day

16 March 2020

Time is a personal affair. Stare into its eyes and feel time age as the seconds slow and the hours haze - the clockface won’t flicker no matter how hard you wish. These long days shift into longer weeks shift into shorter years, or so it seems. Blink, and it’s Monday. The sun’s out but the beckoning blues from the weekend past are enough to plaster clouds in the sky. Friday seems like summer but it’s winter, and the blistering chill of the premature week could keep you anchored to the depths of your duvet. The war is short-lived; with little time to taste the morning, you’re afternoon deep into the day's agenda. For model Harry Goulding at Supa Model Management, at the end of a hard day’s graft calls for an evening of social exhibition.

Captured by Nastassja Thompson, Harry basks in the dim hue of the halogen bar-lights as he searches among familiar faces arriving for their weekly congregation. A half to start, it’s early after all. Resume positions, let the day sip away amongst streams of laughter and lager. Between the vacant hellos and empty small talk with strangers, the air becomes thick with passionate reminiscence. These are precious occasions, over too early at the cry of the final bell.

If you listen closely, echoes of old exchanges oscillate between the walls and original décor. Stylist Billy Tempest-Radford dresses Harry in a timeless attire, inspired by the past prints and patterns that have blessed this pub previously but updated in a modern metamorphosis. How you spend your time is your business, but cherish it close. For no matter how you use it or choose to abuse it, one thing’s for sure - you’ll always lose it.


Above Left: Top by Sophie Hird and Shorts by Hilfiger Collection
Above Right: Shirt by YMC, Shorts by Joseph, Socks by Uniqlo and Shoes by Camper Lab


Above Left: Top by Les Basics, Vest by Tommy Jeans, Shorts by Farah, Scarf by House of Holland, Socks by Burlington and Shoes by Underground
Above Right: Outfit as before


Above Left: Suit by Joseph and Top by Adam Jones
Above Right: Outfit as before


Above: Coat by Joseph, Shirt by Lou Dalton, Trousers by Clothonskin. and Shoes by DONNANT DONNANT


Above Left: Outfit as before
Above Right: Top by Sophie Hird, Shorts by Hilfiger Collection, Socks by Uniqlo and Shoes by DONNANT DONNANT


Above left: Jacket and Shorts by Lou Dalton, Polo Shirt by Fred Perry and Bag by Eastpak
Above Right: Outfit as before


Above Left: Outfit as before
Above Right: Jacket and Shorts by Lou Dalton, Polo Shirt by Fred Perry, Socks by Uniqlo, Sandals by Camper Lab and Bag by Eastpak

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