Young Reece

30 June 2015

Meet Reece. The young Premier model. Our Digital Editor Sophie Mayanne sits down with 17 year old Reece following their shoot for Boys By Girls Issue 8, to explore his journey further. Sit back to learn about the personality behind the fresh faced boy from Premier Model Management.

Reece was scouted in London whilst shopping, which he admits to doing quite a lot. It was no surprise to his mother who had requested a change of outfit after her son wanted to wear something a bit more comfy, yet was reminded to change in case he was scouted. At the age of 17 Reece’s first show was for Commes De Garcons, kickstarting his career perfectly.

Fast forward to the present and sit with Reece talking about his career, family and (slightly off topic) donuts. Read more about the this charming boy below, and make sure you pick up the latest copy of Boys by Girls Magazine available in stockists now.

Hey Reece, what is happening in your life?
I study sport in 6th Form at school. My passion is modelling really. That’s pretty much what I’d love to do when I’m older. When I was younger I always wanted to go into sports coaching and stuff like that. I guess it sort of changed within the past year, since modelling has come along. I’ve been lucky enough to be scouted.

Tell us the story of how you got into modelling.
It started off when I was going shopping with my mum in London. I think it was just after my birthday. I was 15 at the time, this is actually a really weird story. I was there and I think I was wearing something I thought wasn't great, because my mum had made me change. She was like 'you’re not coming out with me looking like that, wear something nice!' She was like 'we're going up town, you might get scouted by an agency or something. Kate Moss got scouted up there in the street', and I was just all yeah, whatever. I ended up changing, because she wouldn’t let me leave without getting changed. 
We had just walked into River Island and Tom was standing there. He asked me if I'd ever thought about modelling and I just turned around and blankly said no, but my mum turned around and said yes! She properly stitched me up there. My mum made me go down to the agency and I ended up here I guess! Haha.

What’s been your most interesting experience modelling so far?
Probably going out to Paris for the first time when I was 16, which was great. I really enjoyed it. Met some great people and just really had a laugh I guess it was good. The first show I did, the Commes des Garcons show, that was amazing. 

I was really nervous, because I opened it as well, but after the first walk it was ok!

If there was one place you could go, where would it be?
I’d love to go to Ireland. No I’m joking, not really. I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo. I think it’s really cool and busy. It looks like it would be a great place to go.

Have you travelled a lot?
Not massively yet. Me and my family always used to go to Spain every year. We'd mix it up, Majorca one year and Tenerife the next. I've been to France too, and St Tropez was pretty cool. It was a really good laugh.

What makes you happy?
I'd say modelling makes me happy, I enjoy it a lot. I’m really driven and motivated to do well in it. Obviously going to castings, doing lots of free stuff and loads of shoots. Paying so much money for it just to get there. Charitable stuff for the last year just to make it a thing and do well in it. I’d like to be successful, it’s just whether it goes well or not really. And obviously football, mates, and throw the girlfriend in there as well.

What was your favourite subject in school?
Well I only do one subject now, which is sports. I've always been interested in sports since I was young. It's something I've always enjoyed. My least favourite subject was French, I've forgotten everything now.

What would you say the biggest trouble about being a boy is?

I think my biggest trouble is that I tend to get moody. I can get over the top a bit, too. By over the top, I mean that I can be quite loud sometimes. I'm just a bit of a donut sometimes I guess. See it's not good being a boy, haha. You always tend to get the blame.

Does that mean you have sisters?
Yeah, I have three sisters, and they all team up on me. So easy. My little sister will be crying, because my older sister's upset her, and then she'll say to tell Mum it was Reece. Then she'll say, whilst she's crying (puts on girly voice) and be like ' Mum, Reece hit me'. I'll just be sat there innocently watching TV. Even though I'm 17, nearly 18, I do still grass my eldest sister up sometimes, just because she does it as well. I know I shouldn't, but I do. We always try to get each other in trouble, but my mum always tells me she expects more from me just because I'm older.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Erm, a bit of a donut. I am a bit of a donut, but I don't really like donuts myself. The food I mean. I'm probably quite a boring donut, a plain one maybe, with a hole in the middle. I would also say I'm optimistic and funny. Yeah I'm hilarious, let's definitely put that one in.

What do you think you’ll be like as a 50 year old man?
I’d like to be quite trendy, like an old trendy guy. I'd be quite stylish and still acting like a kid. I can imagine myself still joking around. Just doing stupid stuff when I'm older just to embarrass the kids or grand kids, who knows. Whichever way, I definitely don't want to be boring.

If there was one person in the world you could meet who would it be?
As a kid I always wanted to be a footballer, so I always wanted to meet John Terry. I thought he was just brilliant. I thought 'yeah he’s the guy I wanna be'. So I guess he was always someone I wanted to meet. I’d like to meet Cheryl Cole too. Oh and Michelle Keegan, I've always liked her.

Tell me three random facts about yourself.

I’d like to have a friend called Steve, oh and I actually did photography for a bit. Another random fact is that I have Morley's a lot.

What is Morley's?
Never heard of it? It’s a really bad KFC. It’s worse than KFC and Favourite Chicken, it’s down the road from here. Not a lot of people have heard of it, but it’s really cheap rubbish chicken and everyone knows me inside, because I go there all the time and it’s really bad. They know my order and everything when I go in there. I also have a little bit of Anglo-Indian in me. It comes from my grandfather's side. Not many people know about that, I used to get a lot of banter for it.

What would your best piece of life advice be?
Never give up on what you want to be and what you want to do. Don't let anyone get in the way of that.

Spot Reece in two of our issue 8 features including Cecilie Harris' editorial "Suburban Days" and our documentary feature "Boys at School". Issue 8 is available to buy in stockists and via our website.

Photography and Interview by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Rachel Abebrese.

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