Travis Says Aloha

30 July 2013

Hawaiian born and NYC bound Travis Smith from Supa Models popped into the BBG HQ for a chat whilst in London, and we are so happy that he did. Travis is one pretty cool guy; it isn’t everyday that you meet a young male model born in Hawaii with quite a few interesting stories to tell. One thing is for sure; if we are ever in Hawaii, we definitely know what is going on our to-do-list.

Travis has been on quite a journey throughout his life. After being scouted in Hawaii and spending some time in Asia, he experienced lots of cool new things; including a lot of surfing, some obligatory partying and an unfortunate bad haircut. With a fun and charming attitude Travis is currently fully focused on his modelling, and is ready to leave the palm trees and waterfalls behind for a little while.

At only 20 years old Travis has already done so much, more than the average boy does in his lifetime. Now he is city bound, both in New York and in London to pursue his modelling career. Having walked for Versace and Jeremy Scott during their F/W13 Menswear shows, his Versus AW12 campaign and having been featured in a variety of great menswear magazines, it looks like everything is going in the right direction. Travis shares his full story below.

Above Travis wears; Agi & Sam for Topman
Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Travis Smith and I’m 20 years old, born in December 1992 – you have to remember that! I was born in Hawaii, Kauai and I live outside a town called Kilauea. It’s the most Northern Island in Hawaii; its nickname is the garden isle. There’s tons of fruit, everything is green, and there are huge mountains and waterfalls, all with a very beautiful ocean surrounding it.

I bet the fruit cocktails there are amazing!
Well Hawaii is very famous for pineapples so we’ve got a lot of those haha! The house I used to live in two years ago had about 100 fruit trees surrounding it, it was insane. No one ever had to go without fruit, so that was cool.

Are there any famous Hawaiian dishes?
I’d say fish is really popular, yellowfin tuna is probably one of the best dishes you can get there and we call it ‘ahi’. There is also wild boar and to make that is a big procedure so that is a pretty famous dish. White rice as well!

If Boys by Girls were to go to Hawaii, what would you recommend?
Well first of all there is the cliff jumping – it is 70 feet high, quite a challenge, but once you do it you feel like you’re on top of the world. You would definitely have to learn how to surf, that’s for sure – I’ll protect you from the sharks haha! Lastly go on a hike; there are some really cool places to go hiking, especially near the tropical waterfalls.

Nice! I'm gonna do a u-turn in this interview now and talk about your modelling, how did it all begin for you?
The day I got my braces off I decided to go shopping in Hawaii and then was approached by a man saying he was interested in doing some test shots of me. It was quite strange and I honestly didn’t think that I’d end up doing it, I just passed the card he gave me on to my mom and she pursued the whole thing. The photographs turned out pretty cool and they were passed onto a Hawaiian agency and then the agency passed them on again to a few agencies in Asia. I ended up spending 8 months in Asia; having a lot of fun. After Asia, I came home and started working out really hard; I surfed a lot and just enjoyed being at home for about 4 months. Then I thought about giving modelling a proper shot. I went to New York without an agency and soon enough I was signed, and now I’m signed with Supa in London as well. It’s been great!

Have you always had long hair?
I never thought I’d have long hair at all. I’ve had short hair my whole life. During my time in Asia I was in Singapore and decided to have my hair cut and it ended up looking so bad. Ever since I haven’t trusted anyone with my hair. Over time it grew quite a lot and for about 6 months it really frustrated me, but then I kind of just put it into a pony and then forgot about it… And now I have long hair!

We defnitely know what to do if we're ever in Hawaii now, thanks Travis!

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