Too Skinny, Too French

8 April 2014

After our recent portrait feature of Corentin Renault (D1 Models), it was with pleasure we spent some time getting to know the French beauty a little more during his recent stay in London. He entertained us with his words of wisdom about love, life and his sense of adventure and challenge. Entranced by the sound of his gorgeous French accent, he told us about his love for learning new languages and his ever growing joy to travel to new places at the drop of a hat.

There was a playful discussion on whether Italian boys are more romantic than the young men of France. Corentin took the humble approach. I think we can all agree that whether French or Italian, the charming ways and words of both have stolen our hearts.

Hi Corentin, talk to us a big about how your model journey started?
I wanted to model in London at first, but was first turned down there as they said I was too French and too skinny. I did one year when I was eighteen then I took a break, now it’s been a year and half and I'm signed in all the major fashion cities.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
I would say I’m social, and I love to meet people. I also love to put myself in challenging situations and be impulsive. I’m really eager to learn.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. With special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

You mentioned that you prefer London over Paris at the moment?
In Paris I’m set all day, I go to school and I have my friends. I like London because it’s difficult; you have to work hard to meet people, you have to work very hard to make it. Which is so nice, I love that. I feel great with the people surrounding me in London; there is a stronger creative vibe. You feel that when you are a foreigner. If you are from London, perhaps you don’t see London the same way I see it, because I see only the good things. If you go to Paris, you only see the good things and you don’t see the bad things.

You do art as well, but for yourself mostly?
I don’t want to listen to people say what they think about it, I do it for me. I don’t want people to judge it, it’s not for anyone else but me.

Who did you walk for last season, just so we get that out of our system?
I walked for Margaret Howell, Christopher Shannon, Valentino, Raf Simons, Kenzo, and Moncler.

You’re so wonderfully French. Would you say you’re romantic?
It’s easy to have your routine, but surprises are romantic in some way. If you wake up one day and you take a train, you just change your life and you make it yours. You don’t own the person you're with; you have to do things to keep them. It’s so easy to get into a routine, you have to fall in love again every day.

Is Paris really the city of love?
You can say it’s the city of love. It’s such a beautiful city, for its beautiful buildings, bridges, the songs, for everything.

What do you want to do in the future?
I’m happy to do this; it’s a really nice job. You get to travel, I love to learn languages, travel and I love to meet new people. It’s not something you can do for so long, but I want to be able to enjoy the chance I have today.

What would you say are your biggest passions?
Family and friends, that is my base and the thing I care the most about. I have a brother and a sister and my parents. I don’t have much time to see them, but I call them every day. I left home when I was fourteen to boarding school.

Growing up today, what do you think are the benefits and challenges?
I think you have the chance to travel everywhere today. The challenge is to find what you want to do. Everyone wants to be able to do everything, photo, music and art. We want to do everything and that’s the biggest challenge, because you have to make a choice at some time.

Thanks for such lovely words of wisdon, Corentin. We look forward to learning where your impulsive ways take you in life.

Interview by Cat Wilding.
Words by Shauna Curran.

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