The World Of Jed Texas

16 July 2012

A couple of weeks ago, we shared with you 'Rumours Say', an editorial featuring Boys by Girls fave, Elite model Jed Texas, shot by Cecilie Harris. Now we treat you even more with some behind the scenes shots (plus some fabulous Jed quotes!) from that rather chilly day, which was warmed up nicely by Jed's charm.

Look out for more fabulous images of this boy when our new book, "A Place Called Youth" is released around October this year.

"Norwegian models are the same as Swedish models, just a little cleverer."

"Before modelling I was just stuck in North London, and now that I've started modelling I've been everywhere; twenty different countries!"

"Do my hair like I normally do it?"

"My craziest experience was getting to look at Lara Stone naked, I had to stare at her boobies for a whole day, and they're not small, they're big!"

"I like doing runway, there's a million faces looking at you and when you don't give a fuck it's a cool feeling."

"This is my first outdoor shoot, we should have heated towels."

Photos by Priscilla Ratola

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Jed Texas_MS6
Jed Texas_MS6
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