The Sobering Sea

16 March 2016
More than a thousand bass lined watts surge ferociously through a vicious morning migraine. Last night's banger replays over and over, and the vibrations from the night before still reverberate throughout your body. Seagulls swoop down to investigate the cluttered mess that lay on the beach like washed up garbage. Empty beer bottles, hungover teens and a stench of sweat, alcohol and an awesome night lingers.
The bright sun forces bloodshot eyes to open and there's a dull ache on your right cheek. Pushing your friend's legs from your chest, you find pebble imprints all over you, making your skin look like inverted bubble wrap. A sobering sea breeze brings you back to a harsh reality and the migraine hits again. Ouch. Calling out to see who else is awake, a salty, vodka infused mouth triggers undesirable flash backs from the night before... What happened last night?
It was a wild one down at Cornwall beach to be sure. All your friends regroup and piece together the jigsaw: the three man tent that is no more, recollections of huddling around the roaring fire, gripping the final beer in your hands and the brief romantic encouters. There's a new one for the books. Jack Price's book is pretty thick at this point.
Jack Price at Supa Model Management brings intriguing stories and a charismatic personality to the table with his alluring character. As he sits down with Boys by Girls to natter over a cup of tea, Jack paints a picture of how he’s maturing as a model and how he dealt with packing up his belongings and moving to London, away from the safe beaches of Cornwall. Taking us through countless pictures of his beloved bunnies, it's clear he's a softie for our furry friends. Oh, and a warning to anyone that hasn’t been able to binge watch the ten hour series of ‘Making a Murderer’ yet, beware, our newest model interview gives a rather in-depth insight into the plot.

Instant Analogue by Sophie Mayanne. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Tell us your model story.
I was originally scouted when I was fourteen at a festival by a different agency, but I never followed it up. I was living in Cornwall at the time and didn’t have the chance to move to London to do anything about it. Then I was scouted again this time last year by Charlie at SUPA at Topman in Birmingham. So cliche isn’t it?! In a shopping centre in the middle of Topman. Since then I have moved to London, so it's cool.
What is your favourite part of modelling?
Travelling. I'm sure everybody says that, but it is easily the best bit. I've already been to a few different cities: Paris, Milan and I’ve even been to Istanbul for a brand called Les Benjamins. It's a streetwear brand and they're really cool. I went with Christopher McCrory actually, which was a laugh.
What's your favourite job that you've done so far?
It's got to be the lookbook for Paul Smith. It was an online lookbook and I just love the images from it. All the pictures are great and the photographer was amazing.
What else do you outside of modelling?
At the moment I have no time for anything else. I feel like modelling puts things on hold. If you are doing anything else that's not in the fashion industry, then you have to put it on hold, because you need a lot of free time. The short notice aspect of the entire industry is crazy and few jobs can match that. It works for me though, I like living like that. It really suits me down to the ground. I’m very last minute and I'll make plans as I go along. People around me hate it though haha. My family are always like, 'where are you going to be next? What are you doing now?'
What do your family and friends think about you modelling?
At first I found it a bit embarrassing. No-one thinks of themselves as a model, especially boys, I think the industry is more dominated by women. It's getting bigger and bigger though, so it's becoming more acceptable. I haven’t been teased by my friends like I thought I would. When people start seeing you working, then I think they start to respect it a little bit more. They see you on a website or something and think, ‘actually yeah, that's decent.’
What else do you like to do?
I like the outdoors. Surfing, camping and whenever I get a free week, I go back to Cornwall, put a tent on the beach with about ten of my mates, get a fire going and just chill there. Last time I went, it was for two weeks in July and we literally did just that. We sat there for two weeks on the beach. There were a couple of trips back and forth to Asda to get supplies and coal for the fire, but it was so good. Definitely some good memories. The beaches in Cornwall are all really laid back, so everyone's chilled and you can do what you want. You can have a big bonfire and someone will bring a generator and you can have a full on party.
What is the craziest thing you have done there?
Probably some of the raves that we had down on the beaches. Unorganised. They are completely spur of the moment things and everyone knows they are always the best ones. A couple of them have been shut down before they had even started. They would start with a Facebook post and before it even begun, the police would say don’t go to this place, but a lot of them were successful and amazing. There was one that I remember walking home from. It was the next day and we walked over a golf course, it was so surreal. We were walking back in the blistering heat over these really really green hills on this golf course, it was about six or seven in the morning and people were there playing golf and we were like, ‘what's going on? What have we done? Where are we?’. It was just one of those moments.
Do you miss your friends whilst travelling?
Yes, definitely. That is something I miss for sure, but I think modelling is a good way of meeting other people that you wouldn’t normally. It's a new job and I haven’t been doing it for very long, but I’ve still got people that have become good friends. You get to meet different people from all different places in the world, which is amazing. Plus you keep meeting the same people in random places. I'll bump into the same person I saw last year in Milan for example.
Do you listen to any music whilst your travelling?
I think music is a big thing for anyone when they're travelling. There's a band called Fiddler that I’ve just got into, they're really cool. I went to see them recently in Brixton and they were really good. That's the best, or one of the best things about being in London. Every band that you could ever possibly want to see are playing here every weekend. There're always decent shows going on. When I first moved here, I was staying in Camden, which was sick, and there was always a show on.
What's been on your TV list recently?
Have any of you guys seen 'Making a Murderer'? Oh my god, it's on Netflix. It's a documentary series. There are ten one-hour episodes about this guy, who in the 80s was sentenced to a life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. After eighteen years in jail, it was proved that he didn’t do it. He was released and his life was sort of getting back on track. It's based in a small town in some state in America, and they were a red neck type of family and no-one really liked them. After, he was suing the state for about thirty million dollars and he was going to win, but then some other girl went missing near their property. It's all alleged because in the end, he was sent down for it, but turns out he was framed for this murder. Honestly, watch it. It's the best ten hours you're going to watch on Netflix for ages. It's so good I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I watched it. Honestly, every episode you scream at the TV and everyone that I have spoken to about it feels the same. He’s got a nephew that lived on the property with them and his nephew is just a stupid kid right, he was sixteen at the time. He basically gave the worst confession to the police, and basically said that he helped his uncle murder this woman. I feel so sorry for this kid, because he got put in prison at sixteen and he’s still in prison now. That was in 2006. It’s terrible, honestly the injustice that has been done to those people is terrible. If you get a chance, then just watch it. It’s seriously good.
Do you always get that passionate about films?
No, this thing is honestly something else. There are moments when you honestly wonder, 'how is this ok in a court room?'. There are police that lie about things, it's just crazy. There was evidence planted. When you watch it, your think to yourself, 'how can this get any crazier then it already is?'. Then every episode, something else comes out.
What else do you recommend?
I recommend bunnies as a pet. They're the best pet ever; least effort and most rewarding.
Are you a passionate person?
Maybe I am about TV, but I definitely am about my animals. My bunnies, I just love my bunnies. They are my life; I live for them.
Is your girlfriend happy about that?
Oh, she knows where she stands. I honestly think I take second place to the bunnies with her as well. I've known her longer, but the bunnies... I don’t know. Let me show you some pictures, they're just so good. They're so cute, that's the two of them.
Aww they are really cute. Are they sisters/brothers?
No no, they're madly in love, so that would be wrong. Here's one of them in a Santa hat. They're not the same breed either. One's that's a Lion Head and the other is a Holland Lock. The Lion Head has sticky up ears and the Holland Lock has ears that go down.
Do you dress them up sometimes?
Apart from the Christmas hat, no. I'm against that and I don’t think that animals should be dressed up. Oh look, here's a better picture of them.

Interview by Saskia Pfeiffer.
Words by Rebecca-Jones Clarkson and Savannah Liu.

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