The Runner

3 February 2016
The fountain of youth grants suppleness and strength, a boyhood bold and daring in dewy eyes. This purity pours new life into the carcases of the old, but this water isn't blue or clear as one might expect - it's green. Frank likes green. Not any old green, an exquisite emerald green that shimmers and sparkles, no matter what angle the light hits it from.
Signed to IMG Models, Frank Rossi talks to Boys by Girls about the rediscovery of himself and being away from home, as well as catching the travel bug along the way. Faced head on with challenges from the very beginning, he has never been scared to drown in a pit of snakes.
When you're green, you're growing. In a world full of promises, green is the go ahead that grants safety and an illusion of security. It tells you you're doing well and is the driving force to keep on going. Counting his blessings as he runs along the unknown London Streets, we offer Frank tea and the comfort of the Boys by Girls office.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m originally from Seattle, Washington, the rainy state. I’m in London now and I love the colour green; it’s a very calming colour.
What shade of green?
I would say an emerald colour.

Insant Analogue by Liz Ord and Molly Baker with Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Yeah that’s a pretty calming shade of green. Pea green is not calming, and bright green is alarming. How long have you been in London?
I’ve been here for about a month now doing a lot of go sees and castings, hanging out at the agency, meeting a lot of really cool people that I feel like I will become solid friends with.

Do you enjoy modeling? It sounds like you’re having an enjoyable time so far.
Yes, it is really exciting to look at your photos when you have been transformed into someone new, someone else’s vision of you. You morph into another character just for a little while, you know. It’s cool.

Do you think you need to have quite a good knowledge of yourself to be able to feel comfortable doing that?
Definitely. I’m pretty young, so this experience of leaving my family and being on my own has helped to me learn a lot more about myself than I would ever have if I was still at home. Thrown into a pit of snakes and thinking alright, live.

What are the best and worst things about it?
The worst thing is not seeing my mum; I really miss my mum and love her so much. The best thing is being able to learn a lot about myself, and honestly just going out and doing the things you want to do. To have the freedom of doing things for yourself, and not just for someone else.

What about the modelling process are you excited about?
I want to travel, my mum calls it the travel bug. I want to go places and see the world. Being in this industry affords such great traveling opportunities, and doing this job is actually really fun.

If you got to choose one place to go?
I think I’d go back to my roots, where it all started - Italy.

Are you Italian?
Yes, well no, I’m not really Italian, I'm American Italian. It’s just in me somewhere, but unfortunately I don’t speak the language. It’s an American thing to say; you know American Italian, American Irish. It’s more about being proud of your heritage. I think my family originally came from Sicily.

If you weren't modeling what do you think you’d be up to?
I think that’s why it’s kind of a blessing that I got this opportunity, because honestly at this point I really don’t know what I’d be doing. Probably I would go to University and try to figure out what my major would be.

I suppose it’s just like most 18 year olds, except you were offered a kind of escape from making those choices?
Yes, I feel really blessed, I’m so thankful.

What do you do when you’re not working?
Well recently I’ve been watching a lot of films, just because I’ve been in my room a lot. I went on Netflix and I think I’ve watched almost every movie. I like to run; I do a lot of running to clear the mind - it’s meditative in a way. Here it’s definitely my outlet. I’ve got lost a few times, and suddenly realized I don’t know where I am.

What favourite movie did you discover during your Netflix binge?
So far in my recent film watching, I think it was… well I like them all. I like a lot of the crime ones. They’re so interesting, why would someone do that! One thing I would say for sure is that the critically acclaimed section is not all critically acclaimed. Some movies I watched and I thought there’s just no way this is critically acclaimed. That’s my word of advice.

Have there been any shoots that have stood out to you?
One shoot would be when I went to California, when I started this whole thing. It was a shoot with a guy named Jamie Luca. I had no clue what to expect or anything, it was my first shoot, and he was just so intense. My mum was there with me, and he was like “give me eyes!” and I was a bit scared, but I saw the pictures afterwards and I understood what he’d meant and I learned so much from just that one shoot. Ever since then I’ve just thought, 'oh I get it'. I saw the pictures and thought it was great.

Interview by Liz Ord.
Words by Savannah Liu.

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