The One With The Secret Tattoo

12 March 2013

Everyone loves Scandinavians, and our Swedish boy Adam Berg from Next Models London is one of the reasons why! Not only is he very cute, but he was super funny, keeping the Boys by Girls team laughing throughout his interview and shoot. It was such a pleasure to work with him and we can wait 'till he comes to visit us again!

We managed to work with this lovely boy quite a few times while he was in London in November 2012, including our new face portrait series and an exclusive Boys by Girls editorial 'Red Riding Hood Interupted', photographed by Cecilie Harris. One of our favourite moments (though perhaps not his) was when we ended up listening to Metallica in a bid to bring out his inner wolf or when faced with sitting in the cold, our interns complained while he merely said 'You think you're cold? I'm the one wearing shorts.'

Adam is a true sweetheart. In honour of his dislike of the TV sitcom Friends we decided to name this feature appropriately. Read about him in this exclusive interview, that also tells us the lovely story of how he started out, and gives us a glimpse of his cheeky side!

Let's make this the story of Adam.
All right, fantastic. Hi, my name is Adam Berg, I am 18 years old, I'm from Sweden and I'm with Next Models London.

Wonderful, this is starting to sound like a tv show. Why don't you describe yourself in three words?
I would like to say I'm smart, but it would be a lie. I think I'm a nice person, and I think I'm pretty polite, and I think I'm pretty happy. That's what I would say, so; polite, happy and nice. So yeah, and a bit smart.

Haha! You're allowed to say you're smart.
Yeah, I'm smart.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris

What makes you smart?
I don't know, I have no idea actually. I guess maybe I'm not smart, right? Haha!

Do you have any special skills?
Not really actually. I'm pretty good at playing Fifa on XBox, but that's not much of a thing right?

Still counts!
Okay. Then I'm good at Fifa, which makes me smart.

Haha! Anyways, the other Adam I know has a theory that the Swedes are like cows. Do you agree or disagree?
(Raises eyebrows) We are like cows? In what way?

He said that in the winter everyone is sort of really down and inside, but in the summer they all run out and go wild and happy.
Yeah, I would really say that we live in seasons. We're not like cows but we do live in seasons. In the winter no one is barely out and everyone looks depressed so yeah. And in the summer everyone is out of course, just working on their tan.

Can you get a tan in Sweden?
You can yeah! It can be pretty hot sometimes, I mean now with the global warming and everything, it's getting hotter, and the winter is actually getting shorter, so in a few years it might not be a season anymore.

What's your favourite season?
I would say, I think it's somewhere between summer and winter. So spring basically. No, it's … is it spring?

You mean Autumn?
Autumn! There we go!

So where we are now kind of?
Yeah that's my favourite season.

Wow, why is that your favourite?
I don't know. I don't fancy the weather being too hot, and I don't fancy being too cold. This is somewhere in-between it.

Most people would say either one or the other.
Yeah, but I am kind of in the middle of it. I like trees, when they are getting orange. It's beautiful.

If you were to build a house, what would it look like?
If I built a house? It would probably be close to a beach, I would say, because I do like the water. I guess it would look clean, so I think it's going to be white and just, clean. Kind of more like modern, I don't like vintage and old stuff, I want it to be fresh and new, if I built a house.

Can you give us three random facts about yourself?
I am 6' 1".

That we can learn from your card. Random facts we can't learn from reading your card.
All right, I did get a tattoo five days ago.

I'm not going to show you. Hahaha!

Oh! Hahaha! Sorry, cause I did not see a tattoo, and I've seen a lot of you today!
That's right, um, I don't like friends. The TV show which everyone loves.

Why? You have to follow that up.
Because it's always bothered me that it's on TV the whole time. And you don't want to see it, but it's still there. It's like you're not watching TV anymore, because of friends. And what else? My favourite thing to do is hang out with my girlfriend actually.

What do you do together?
We basically do everything, it could be whatever. We spend a lot of time together, because we're comfortable with each other. So that's why I love hanging out with her.

Good, what makes your happy?
My girlfriend. Haha.

If you have to say something else? Haha!
Um, my mom has a lot of things that makes me happy, and of course my friends. School actually makes me happy in some kind of way, it makes me feel lucky to have an education, and stuff like that.

How did you get into modelling?
It's actually my sister who thought I looked like a guy in a magazine. So she sent some pictures to some agencies. I got pretty positive responses, so I joined with an agency in Sweden, and it went from there.

So how long have you been modelling, and what have you done in that period?
I think it's close to two years, I'm not quite sure actually.

You started really early, you were sixteen?
Yeah I was sixteen when I started. What have I done, I've done quite a lot of shows, I'm a show guy. haha

What kind of shows have you done, that are worth mentioning?
I've done Burberry, DSquared2, Z Zegna, Siviglia, DKNY, and Buckler, and stuff like that. That was pretty fun. New York fashion week was my first, I hadn't even done it in Sweden before that.

Oh wow, thrown right in there?
Yeah! It was kind of nice.

Thanks Adam, hope to see you soon again!

Polaroid_Adam Berg
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