The Lego Kid

28 July 2015

It is a lovely sunny morning in the BBG office. The breeze is flowing in through the open balcony and the kettle is whistling, sounding everyone to the notion of soon to be delicious warm tea. As the whistle reaches it height, Emil strolls into the sunbathed room.

We end up chatting with Emil Hamkens at Supa Model Management for quite a while, and not only as an excuse to enjoy an extra bit of sun on the balcony. We cover friendships, lego and romance. You know, those kind of important things. From his experiences growing up in Denmark to the importance of his friends and family - giving us all a glimpse into his world.

Emil seems to be able to swiftly adapt himself to any situation; from speaking German in school to learning the baffling ways of the London tube. This boy seems to have it all figured out.

After recording his full interview unsuccessfully the first time, the second time around we finally make it happen.....

Let's talk about things one more time! You mentioned got scouted on the tube?
Yes. I got scouted by a guy called Theo on the tube.

We talked about your brother and that you are quite close to him.
Yes, my brother is four years older than me and we are very very close. I do everything with him actually. There is not a single thing that we cannot talk about. He follows my travels everywhere , and is very happy and proud of me. I’m really grateful for that.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

What about friends?
Yeah. It's not like hanging out, but I can talk to them and they like me and respect me. They are also very happy that I got this modelling job, which I think is really nice.

What does everyone at your school think?
I haven't been to school actually since the time that I got put in this modelling job, but on Facebook and other social media channels like Instagram they always comment and like my pictures. I can just feel that they are happy with me and what I am doing.

Do you have a girlfriend?
Yeah. I've been together with my girlfriend for one year and eight months. Actually eight months today! We started going out 7th January last year. I do everything with her and she is very proud of me for doing this.

How did you meet her?
I met her at school. She was moving to the place where I live and to the same school as me. At school we were named as couple of the year. We enjoy all our time together and like each others company.

You said earlier that it was nice living away, but now you get to see each other all the time which is lovely?
Yeah. She was going to another school for 11 months and was only coming home each weekend, so I only got to see her on the weekends.

What was it like growing up in Denmark?
It was really nice. My parents raised me to treat other people like I would want to be treated. I think many children were raised in that way.

Are people here different to what they are like in Denmark?
Yeah, people here are more open than they are in Denmark. Danish people like minding their own business a lot more. In London everyone wants to know a bit about you and know your stories. That's not the same in Denmark If you meet a stranger. I guess it depends on what people you meet.

Is it harder to make friends there?
Not at all. I think for me its easier to make friends in Denmark, as Danish is my first language, but the Supa Models guys and the other guys that are models from other countries they all speak good English and I understand them and we get along well, which is really great. I was staying at an apartment with five other boys and we were really good friends and they were really kind and I still have contact with them now.

I remember you saying your mum was a school teacher?
Yeah, when I went to primary school my mother was a school teacher. I went to a German school for seven years, but after that I decided I didn't like the German thing. Every lesson was in German. That tired me, so I moved to a Danish school, which is where I met my girlfriend. It was a lot more social. It was a good choice for me to go and meet new people. I was a shy guy before when I was young, but this has changed completely since I moved to the Danish school and since I’ve gone to the college.

Do you like London?
Yeah, I really like London. It's a big city with many nice people and everyone is helpful if you cant read the tube or something. Very expensive, but I like it.

How have you found travelling around?
The hardest place to travel around for me was Paris. In London I like the way the system is. It works and it is easy to go from A to B.

Yeah Paris is confusing.

I remember you said you like Lego Land?
Yeah, I like Lego Land. Well actually I haven't been too many times, but still everybody knows Lego Land in Denmark. The Danish are proud of Lego.

I think they should be. Lego is amazing. Who doesn't love lego!
Yeah definitely. Everybody in Denmark has been to Lego Land. We went there for school trips also.

Words by Katy Thomas.

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