The Laidback Drummer

20 January 2016
He's not laidback like Laidback Luke, he's just laidback. A boy of few words, but they happen to be the right ones.
When you’re the new kid on the block you tend to feel nervous or shy around unfamiliar places and people. For Johnny Allen at IMG Models, modelling is that new thing, except, he takes it on with a much more light hearted approach. His chilled vibes are evident in his deep, calm and resonating English voice, easing every tense muscle in the room. He's the type of guy whose aura could potentially make world peace actually happen.
Straight out of finishing the intense IB diploma programme, the 18 year old artsy model unwinds at the Boys by Girls office by talking about his first week as a newbie so far in the world of modelling, how he escapes boredom, the struggle to make it as a talented Led Zeppelin level drummer nowadays, family links and desires to travel to Scandinavia - and generally discovering himself before possibly heading off to university.
You just finished school. Did you enjoy it?
No, not at all, I didn’t enjoy it at all.
If you were in an American high school, what type of clique would you put yourself in?
That’s a tricky one, I’m not sure; I don’t really watch much ‘Americany’ TV. With the artsy lot probably.

Instant Analogue by Liz Ord and Molly Baker. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

How would you describe yourself?
Extremely laid back. I don’t really speak too much.

What do you do in your spare time?
I play the drums; it’s my only talent really.

It’s a good talent to have though!
Thank you, but it’s just so impossible to make it these days. It would have been nice to be around maybe 30 years ago, when it was so much easier to make it in the music industry.

You’ve only been modeling for a week, have you enjoyed it?
Yeah its cool, everyone’s really nice. All the people I’ve been working with so far have been cool.

Did you have any expectations with it?
No, I’m just having a laugh really, I’m chilled about seeing where it goes.

In your year out, what else are you thinking of doing?
I’m thinking of going travelling, maybe to Scandinavia.

I’m Scandinavian! (Cecilie jumps in)
Oh really, where from?

Norway. Where were you thinking of going?
Oh cool. Denmark and Sweden probably… haha. My brother is studying in Copenhagen at the moment, so I’d like to go there, it sounds amazing.

Depends on what you want to see…city or countryside. I love that you want to visit Scandinavia! Maybe I’m a bit biased, but still.
My whole family seems to like Scandinavia, so I’m interested to go and experience it for myself.

What's your favourite film?
Birdman. It’s an old film noir, I like the old comedies.

What would your last meal be?
I think it would have to be steak and chips. Medium rare.

Ooh that’s a good one. Satisfying. Okay so if you were on a desert island and you could only take one CD…
Probably Mothership by Led Zeppelin.

Favourite sport?
I play Cricket. Captain of the B Team.

Intro by Nicole Chui.
Interview by Liz Ord and Molly Baker.

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