The Genuiness of Graeme

25 June 2013

During our portrait shoot with 18 year old Graeme Metz featured last week, shot by Cecilie Harris, Boys by Girls took some time to sit down and get to know this Premier boy a little bit better. The Canadian native talks to us about modeling and his love of dance, art, and architecture, and tells us why he loves being in London for the first time.

After we caught Graeme casually leaping gracefully around the living room, we discovered he has been studying at the Toronto National Ballet School. Now taking some time to focus on his modeling and in London for his first time this season, Graeme says he has enjoyed getting lost in London with nothing but a map and that he loves the city for its architecture. So far resisting his temptation to shop in our thrift stores, lapping up the culture in between castings instead and finding the time to visit the Matese hanging in the Tate (his personal favorite), it seems Graeme is already making the most of London.

Graeme is the kind of boy that seems wise beyond his years, and is a true artistic soul with some truly inspiring advise. He arrived in black and left in pink. PS. He also fed the intern during his interview, despite our “Do not feed the interns sign”. Ok, we made some of that up, but he did sneak some treats to Annie.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Hi, Graeme tell us about your model journey so far.
I was scouted by Julien who found me online and everything started from there. So far its going really great.

What have you done so far in your career?
This is my first season, so I’m really excited! Before that I’ve been doing a few bits in Canada.

Can you tell us three fun facts about yourself?
I’m a dancer. I’ve been trained in dance for quite a few years. I went to Toronto for the National Ballet School which was intense. In Vancouver I was with Arts Umbrella, which is more contemporary ballet, less classical.

Do you still dance?
Right now I’m focusing on my modeling, but I’m sure time will come when it’s time to dance again. When you want to be a dancer you have to be 100% committed, devote yourself entirely to dance and only dance. You don't have any time for a personal life really, so you have to really want it. I do definitely love it a lot.

Do you miss it now you’ve stopped?
Yeah, my body kind of craves it a bit.

Other than modeling and dance, what else are you passionate about?
I love to draw. I’m passionate about art I guess. Honest art. Art that I find genuine.

Have you visited many art galleries while you've been in London?
I went to the Tate with my mum. She came for the first week, but she's gone back home now. It was gorgeous, there was an original Matese there, which is my favorite. It was great.

How are you finding your time in London so far?
It’s great. It has been hectic, but its a beautiful city. I love the history of it, the architecture is really fantastic. It seems even in the grubby areas the buildings are beautiful.

What do you miss most about home?
I think I miss my friends the most actually, that and my cat which is called honey. And the forest next to my house. Well its not really a forest, its more like a park. But the parks in Vancouver aren't really like parks they’re a bit more wild.

Tell us more about Canada. Is it awesome?
Yeah it’s very green, it’s nice. Compared to most places I’ve been I think most of Canada is quaint, unassuming.

Keeps to itself, quiet. People are generally polite. It’s just chilled. A chilled place.

What makes you truly happy?
Haha I don't know... I don't know if I’ve found true happiness yet.

If you could give us any life advice what would it be?
Never compromise yourself for anything or anyone. I think my biggest pet peeve is in-genuine people. I think I can get along with pretty much anyone. Even some of my closest friends can be awful sometimes, but I know that its just genuinely who they are and I respect genuiness.

Thanks Graeme for being such a sweetheart and for making us want to go to Canada!

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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