The Butterfield Effect

4 May 2016

Following on from yesterday's issue 10 teaser, today we welcome you to a sneaky snippet of the interview available in our Spring Summer issue, 'Muse'. You may recognise our coverboy Asa Butterfield, 18 year old London based actor, from films such as 'Ender's Game', 'X + Y', 'Hugo' and of course 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', where he has taken on a whole host of personalities much unlike his own.

If he had things his way, Asa would be delighted to crawl into his shell and play video games all day, occasionally calling for pizza deliveries and bottles of coke - I mean, the boy actually built his own computer. In addition to starring on the big screen, at home Asa is a gamer and a photographer, often lost in virtual reality or capturing his own through still and moving images. Asa's imagination takes him places only very few have the privilege of going. During the day of our shoot with the talented actor, we travelled to foreign lands with high grass and boggy mud, exotic jungles and concrete ones too - he rolled, jumped and skipped in a dramatic form.

See the full 14-page print feature, photographed by Cecilie Harris and styled by David Nolan, and read the full interview in Issue 10, 'Muse', available to buy online and in stores here. As a celebration of our tenth issue, Asa is in fact the first ever actor to grace the cover of Boys by Girls Magazine and let's be honest, that's a great reason to add it your collection.

Who is Asa?
I think that’s an interesting question, because I had quite a different upbringing. I’ve had to be more mature and have proper conversations with adults since I was thirteen years old. There is definitely that part of me which is confident and good at talking to people. There is also a part of me, that is quite a quiet person. I’m very content in not saying much and just enjoying whatever situation I am in; playing video games, hanging out with my mates, which are two very opposing sides. The first impression I give people is that I am quite talkative and a sort of funny guy, but in reality I’m totally not. I’m a lot more boring, placid and easy going. I’m very content going with the flow and chillaxing.

This is Asa's feelings. Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBBLE.

What was it like to grow up within the world of acting?
I think being an actor lets you appreciate other people’s differences more, because you are playing these characters and figuring out why they are troubled, sad or happy. You get quite good at analysing people. I grew up alot quicker than my peers I think, because I was working in an adult world, showing up for work on time and learning my lines.

What was it like to work with Tim Burton?
Tim is a phenomenal director, and I love the way he works. He has such a clear vision of what he wants the film to look like and the story he wants to tell. You see him on set and he paces a lot, just thinking, thinking, thinking. As Tim works with a lot of the same people over and over again, there is this unique language and understanding. They don’t even have to finish their sentence, because they will just know what the other person wants, and because Tim is chaotic in a way, it does make the whole thing really surreal. Everything is just moving around, and you’re like “what the hell is going on?” Before you know it, they’ve just set up this incredible shot - he is so good.

What makes you happy?
Being around happy people. I’ve got a brilliant family, so when my familiy is happy life is good. Video games make me happy, and food goes without saying. I don’t need much to make me happy; sometimes I am most content in my pyjamas, with some food, watching a movie. I’d love to make a wildlife documentary, to go into the Amazon and spend two weeks filming monkeys. Actually anywhere, just give me some nature and I’ll film the shite out of it, because that’s my thing. I love nature and I love taking pictures. That’s my mojo.

Interview by Cecille Harris.
Words by Savannah Liu.
Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

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