Rich, No Photos Please

1 January 2013

Following on from our beautiful video preview of Rich Morris (Select) from his shoot with Cecilie Harris for our fourth issue "A Place Called Youth", we thought we'd have a bit of a chat with the boy about this and that. If you missed the video, let's give you another chance to view it here.

After a bit of a discussion around how lovely Rich's hair is, the interview started and we were all engrossed in learning more about this lovely Select boy. It is fair to point out that he has some of our favourite hair of all the hairs.

In the below interview you will learn all about where he got his scars from (to be fair they are hidden by all his beautiful hair), his impressive athletic skills (he has trophies to prove it) and that time he got beaten up by his sister.

What's your favourite thing in the world?
I love football, as you can tell from my football wallpaper from last time.

Are you good at playing football?
I don't know, I'd hope so. haha But you may have to ask someone else who might give you a more honest opinion. I've played since I was 7, but this is the first year I'm playing for a men's team, which has bigger people and is more scary.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

You've done quite a lot of sports haven't you?
Yes I've done football, athletics and I did a bit of tennis for a while. I was also asked to do rugby cause I'm quite fast, but I think I'd just be killed. I'd be split in half whilst tackled.

Three random Rich facts?
I've cracked my head open five times. The first time I was seven and running in and out of my sister's room annoying her. So she picked me up and threw me out and I hit my head on the corner of the door. Second time I was in a chinese restaurant swinging back on my chair which you're obviously told not to do, and there was a marble display thing which I hit the back of my head on. Third time I was trying to get something out of my wardrobe and something fell out and hit my head. Fourth time was at school and I smacked my head on an air con thing. The fifth time I was playing football in my garden and hit my head on the swing set.

At least you've got some awesome hair to hide all these head scars!
Yes haha.

What's your proudest moment ever?
Sporting wise when I was playing goal with my team when I was about eleven, we won the cup final in our league. Jumping down a complete set of stairs whilst drunk. Sounds quite stupid, but nobody else could do it. Still quite proud of that.

What's the kindest thing you've ever done for someone?
I bought my friend a Reading ticket so he could come with us. That was pretty kind I think. And when I went to America on holiday for the first time I bought my sister a cuddly bear as a gift. There was a tag where you could write a note in it, where I wrote "hahaha I've been to America and you haven't'". First she thought the bear was really lovely, and then when I pointed out she should read the note she beat me up.

So you were beating up by a girl?
Erm… yes haha, my sister. She is four years older than me though! But yes, proud moment haha.

What is your best skill?
I thought this was going to be easy questions this time?

haha I do apologise? Just say football.
Yes, but so many people can do that, so I don't really see it as a special skill.

What is it like growing up today?
There is a decent amount of stuff to do, like going to the pub or clubbing, play a bit of football and do some sports, go cinema and gym. In some areas you get a bit of crime, which is pretty bad. Some of my friends have had their wallet stolen or their phone stolen, and things like that. In other areas the social media we have access to today that our parents didn't makes it really easy to organise things like going out and parties, and keeping in touch with friends who live abroad.

How would you describe complete happiness?
Got to be health, and have enough money not to have financial worries. Got to have good friends and good family support.

What are you passionate about?
I love sports as you can tell by my wallpaper. I've got about 20 trophies and medals for different teams. Some of them are just for playing for the team. Half of them are for athletics and some are for football.

Who is Rich Morris?
If I were to describe myself I'd say hopefully quite funny. Although some of my friends may disagree with that. I'm pretty outgoing and willing to try new things, it keeps things interesting. I'd like to hope people thinks I'm relatively interesting. Although my friends find me slightly annoying, as I randomly can go quite hyper and try to annoy them. Stops things from getting boring. haha

Thanks Rich. We adore, adore, adore you! Yes... we know we said that three times.

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