Pawel Bednarek talks sinful pleasures

9 May 2012

At the moment we met Pawel Bednarek (FM Models), we knew he was beyond amazing. Shooting him was like being servers all your Christmas, birthday and Easter sweets all in one go. Check out Cecilie Harris's portrait series with him here. We wish for more Pawel time.

We adore that Pawel seems to be such a good cool. His agent confirms this is true. We believe it. Come back Pawel! We have some orange zest chocolate fondant and other sinful culinary pleasures we'd like to try out.

While we dream of anything lovely with chocolate, do check out his interview below and his Boys by Girls profile page.

How would you describe your awesomeness in one sentence?
I'm a kind of bear that eats all the honey.

Tell us your Pawel model story.
Signed in on the website - my feet are too big for a Cinderella story.

What are your proudest achievements?
I baked a perfect orange zest chocolate fondant last time I visited Cracow.

Give us three random facts about yourself.
When I was little I was sure that when I close my eyes, the sun would stop shining.
I love the smell of fresh print.
I have moments when I think I'm in a few places at once while travelling; streets, shops, people just too much information to process for one mind.

What do you do when you're not modelling?
I dream of opening a restaurant or enjoy sinful pleasures of daily life.

Do you have any obsessions?
I think only when it comes to cooking - I'm a perfectionist and I really hate when something doesn't meet my expectations in the kitchen area.

Do you have any secret skills?
I pack my suitcase in three minutes, and I'm a pretty good at horse riding and archery (how more useless can you be capable of doing well in modern world?)
BBG: When we need a horse riding handsome boy protecting us from bad men with his bow and arrow, you'll be the first person we'll call....

Is it true that mother knows best?
No, it's not.

If you could give us any life advise, what would it be?
See your defeats as a lesson.

What are your top three most played songs on your ipod right now?

"Coracao vagabundo" by Caetano Veloso (i play it as a lullaby)

"Miles away" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Embrasse moi" by Vanessa Mae

Thanks Pawel, we adore you! Do come back to London soon so we can take more pretty pictures of you.

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