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15 December 2015

Reuben Ramacher at Elite Model Management greets the BBG Team with his deep Australian twang. Undertones of the super-cool. A busy man, rushing back and forth on his feet, he sinks into the infamous BBG sofa - muffin to one side, ready to tell snippets of his story.

There are a few things you should know about the half German model, who hasn't yet ventured into the world of learning the language. From talking travelling, music, ponders of why he can't speak German and black eyeliner, you quickly learn what drives this Australian model - the boy that seems to have it all figured out.

Reuben's world is one of thoughts, encounters and opinions formed from his thoughts about the precarious world around him. At 22 years old, Reuben simply does have the world at his feet. Sidenote: is it just us that wishes he could play the guitar?

How do you pronounce your last name?
It’s German, Ram-a-cher. My mum is German, but she was born in Canada. She speaks perfect German, but never taught me.

So your mother is to blame?
I know, that’s weird right? I mean, if you speak two languages fluently and have children, you’d expect them to share. That would be the smart move.

Instant Analogue by Liz Ord and Molly Baker. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

How did you first get into modelling?
I don’t know if it’s that interesting of a story, I mean everyone always has these weird stories. Mine is pretty simple. My mum is a photographer and wanted to do a photo shoot with me one day, and after ages of asking I finally said yes. The makeup artist from the shoot is and was best friends with my current agent.

What do you do when you’re not working?
It has changed recently, as I was living in Australia. I was thinking of staying there and studying, but I just recently decided that I’m making enough money from modelling to support myself, so why not also travel whilst working. It saves me paying to go travelling, to just work and travel whilst I am doing it.

Where about’s in Australia are you from?
I was born in Queensland, but I grew up in Sydney. I’m out of there now though, thank god.

Haha, that was going to be my next question - which do you prefer Sydney or London?
Definitely London. Europe in general and the UK.

What other places in Europe?
Well, naturally Paris. Although the Metro has to be the worst part. Well, it’s not too bad. Paris is such a small city, you can pretty much walk everywhere anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

What are you up to tomorrow?
I’m going to Rome for a night and a day.

How much exploring of Rome are you going to fit in?
I plan to go to the Vatican, that is as far as my plan goes, but I reckon it’s going to be packed.

I feel like you could go one of two ways. Explore intensely or go to a coffee shop and have a really chilled afternoon.
Yeah, definitely if I have time. Who knows, I might end up meeting clients.

From your experience of being photographed, is there anything that stands out? Or has it all been pretty regular?
Well, I wouldn’t say regular, in fact it’s all been pretty strange.

Like when they put eyeliner and make-up on you?
They like to think I’m a girl. But I mean, it pays money, so why not.

Fair enough, real honest.
For one shoot I was meant to replicate some of Mick Jagger’s images. Everyone always asks me if I play an instrument or something, and I’m always like 'no'. I mean, music is just not my thing. I’m so bad at it, I just prefer to sit and listen.

That’s fair enough, what are you good at?
Let me think about it, modelling I guess. Hopefully I’m going to get into real estate, that would be nice. Perhaps not London though, it’s a little expensive here.

That’s a very realistic plan.
Yeah, I’ve started investing in property in Australia. Otherwise I’d spend all my money. I know a lot of models that just spend all the money they earn. When this ends, which I know it will, I’ll have something to show for it. And maybe I won’t have to work a nine till five job, five days a week.

That’s the dream.
That’s what I’m aiming for.

I feel like most people aim for that, but just get a little sidetracked.
You’d hope so, not aiming for a miserable job.

If you’re happy in that job, than good on you.
But how can you be happy? I don’t want to ever get to that stage, sitting behind a computer for the rest of my life. I want to go into IT, but it’s different. Working freelance, creating and designing websites, it can be done. Make enough money designing one or two a week, and having enough money left over to do whatever you want.

In a way investing in real estate, you’re flexible to do what you want.
That’s what I’m hoping for. There will always be some kind of work, because with real estate you’re either renting or selling property. But as long as I can choose my own schedule, I’m happy.

On a final note, what advice would you give boys coming into this industry?
Shit, that is a really good question. Try and avoid stupid people. Innocent people are always the ones that seem to get screwed over. Know yourself and know what you want to do.

Interview by Molly Rose Baker & Liz Ord.
Words by Rosie Williams.

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