Konan The Heavy Metal Chef

15 July 2014

After her colourful shoot with international kid, Konan Hanbury at Models 1, Ren Rox took the opportunity to chat with the long haired beauty about this and that. We know you want to know more about this handsome Model 1 boy. But first, feel free to remind yourself of the pretty images taken for Boys by Girls online feature.

We first met Konan with his powerful smouldering gaze back in our wonderful Issue 5 "Lessons" where he was photographed by Lydia Garnett. With a love for Led Zeppelin, which was played throughout the day at their shoot and well, pretty much all heavy metal Konan has a softer side with an enthusiasm for cooking. We were so pleased when Ren Rox decided to photograph Konan who is so at ease in front of the camera. Born in Tokyo where he was raised for the first half of his life before moving to Rio de Janero for the next seven; Konan has kept himself busy since then by modeling for big names such as Missoni, John Richmond, Kay Kwok and Margaret Howell.

Polaroid by Ren Rox.

How did you get scouted?
I didn’t. My eldest sister introduced me to the agency she used to work for and I started working with them.

Is it something that ever crossed your mind when you were younger?
No, not really.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
For a long time I wanted to be a chef, which is something that I’m still quite enthusiastic about.

What kind of food do you like?
I love Italian food. That’s definitely the winner. I also love Asian food.

You were born in Tokyo, lived in Rio de Janeiro… Tell us a bit more about your international life.
I lived the first half of my life in Asia – that’s where my parents were living at the time. We moved around quite a lot. Eventually, we ended up in Rio for seven years.

If you only had a day to show us around Rio, where would you take us?
We’d have to go have a beer on the beach. Pick a beach. Any beach. Then go to a Brazilian barbecue restaurant, a churrascaria, or take you for a feijoada.

A great experience that you’ve had thanks to modelling.
I got to go to Milan. It’s always nice to pop to Italy for a week.

Not bad… What are you studying at university?
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics.

Why that choice?
I was committed to never having a job! No, the course is very interesting. I didn’t choose it in order to get a job. I just went with something I knew I’d be interested in.

Do you have any hobbies?
I like cooking, home brewing beer… just the usual. Hanging out with good people. Having quality conversations.

We listened to a lot of Led Zeppelin during the shoot today. What other music are you into at the moment?
Always lots of blues. I never stop listening to metal. I only really stop listening to metal around other people, when they sort of can’t stand it, but when I’m alone I resort back to my old ways.

Interview by Ren Rox.
Words by Cat Wilding.

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