Jamie’s Photo Diary: Ibiza

18 June 2013

We love catching up with what our boys have been up to in the Fashion world, so today we thought that we would share with you another entry into the photo diary of the lovely Jamie Kendrick at FM Models. We could get very used to this being a regular feature, right?!

This time he has been shooting on location on the wonderful island of Ibiza, catching the rays and generally having an amazing time. Needless to say we are very jealous! Check out the photographs from his trip and cross your fingers that summer will get here soon too.

if you didn’t manage to catch the last entry into Jamie’s photo diary, then you can find it here. You’ll probably want to take a cheeky look as it features some rather stunning images of Ash Stymest as well as some shots from his trip to Berlin. We know, this boy travels everywhere, lucky thing!

It was my first ever trip to Ibiza, so I was looking forward to a warm blast amongst the seemingly ever-lasting British winter. After a mad rush to the airport in the morning, with some ridiculous ticket problems at Liverpool Street, I made it to the gate feeling a bit anxious. I'm always apprehensive when flying abroad, I hate not being fluent in any other languages and feeling like a stupid British guy. Luckily I was flying in with a native in the form of Jaco Norman from Select Models, who I'd coincidentally modelled with on another job a few weeks prior so we were getting chummy. After a short drive, we found ourselves pulling up to the already in-motion shoot. The venue was awesome, a small villa with a pool, complete with a temporary festival stage out front, purpose built for the shoot. We were just surrounded by olive groves and you could see the sea off in the distance.

We spent the first day shooting at the villa, it was a really good atmosphere. The sun was shining, the crew was great and the festival themed shoot provided us with a lot of laughs. We were clambering about on scaffolding posing with flares, dancing about with dixie cups and blasting 80s bangers. We were shooting till way after dark. Me and Jaco got the chance to relax on the balcony at the hotel before bed, taking in the view and just generally appreciating just being there.

Rising early to make the most of the light and with a flight to catch later in mind, the sun rose as the crew trickled into the hotel restaurant for breakfast. After a bite to eat I had to nip out on the terrace to grab a shot of the ominous salmon pink sunrise. The colours came out amazing on film. That was a really nice morning, and aside from the fatigue of the late night and early start, the drive to the location was calming and there were some great views on the way.

We roamed about the sandy, shrubby landscape shooting all morning, pretending to hitchhike at one point and chasing each other down the road. We just had to mess about on camera and have fun so we did. We were full of energy from the sun and the Ibiza vibe so all the shots were really natural. Me and Jaco ran off as we had to take a moment to check out this beautiful coastal view we discovered over this hill. It was a weird because you had no idea you were near the coast then we went over this summit, and suddenly there was this cliff and the sea and everything was so loud.

After we wrapped up at the coast we hopped in the location vans and ended up back at the villa from the day before. The owners were from London and were really friendly, they had a load of playful cats and dogs roaming about too.

The rest of day 2 was really relaxed, the shots were simple and fun and whilst it was the girls turn to shoot, me and Jaco got to chill in the sun and I took the chance to do some portraits with him. The pets were fun to try and photograph too. Once we'd got all the shots at the villa we were done, we said goodbye to our awesome hosts and headed back to the hotel for a quick celebratory drink before the flight home.

Words and photography by Jamie Kendrick

You can check out more of Jamie's work on his website: www.jamiekendrick.com.

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