Jamie’s Photo Diary

1 March 2013

When we found out that the lovely Jamie Kendrick at FM Models was a budding photographer as well as a fabulous model, we knew we had to get him in to show us his photography skills. One of our favourtite things is bringing you exclusives from the lives of our boys, and what better than behind the scene photographs of his modelling experiences?

Covering the last few months of his travels and adventures in modelling, we are super excited to be able to show you a unique view into his journey. Told through Jamie’s own words and images, there are more than a few surprises along the way; including a cheeky appearance from the amazing boy that is Ash Stymest.

“I started taking picture properly last year when I invested in a couple of film cameras, my favourite being the Canon T90. I’ve been using a digital SLR since I was about 15 or 16, while I’ve been at art college and Uni. I started taking it a lot more seriously recently, and have been taking my camera along with me to shoots. Now I'm documenting my life, modelling, where I’ve been travelling and backstage on shoots, photographing it the best that I can. I’m simply trying to create some beautiful images."

“Why do I enjoy it? I’ve always been into art, imagery, design and general creativity, and I used to do a lot of drawing and painting. I suppose that those things developed into my interest in photography, and I find it really enjoyable and fulfilling."

“I want to carry on using film, experimenting with other types, maybe use some medium format and just progress my style; you know… get better at using my camera, experimenting with location, people, clothes, lighting. Most of my work is done in natural lighting, or I’ll just show up to a studio and the lighting will already be set up, so I’ve got a couple of studio shoots lined up where I can actually work with the lighting. I’m excited about that.”

We can’t wait to keep you all updated with Jamie’s photography and are super excited about what we’ll be seeing from him next. We'll be sure to set him another challenge to keep capturing his model experiences to share with you. Meanwhile check out the first chapter of his diary below. If you have already turned into a Jamie-addict, then you can follow his photography on his Flickr site and keep up to date with his busy modelling life on his Twitter and Instagram: @Jamie_Kendrick

Jamie looking just like Edward Cullen. Pretty Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Jamie's photo diary November 2012 - February 2013:

Early February 2013, Damon Baker photographed Ash Stymest and myself, and as usual I brought my camera along. After navigating round a Tottenham industrial estate I arrived at the studio, greeted with a wall of hip-hop and cigarette smoke. I was asked if I wanted to change the music, but happily refused as it was just to my taste for once. Upon clocking Ash in front of the lights, I reached for my camera and asked Damon if I could shoot him too while he worked. It was great moving around behind the assistants and stylists and framing Ash amongst the bustle of the studio. Thanks to Damon, the crew and the other models it was a really fun shoot, and I left eager to develop the two rolls of film I'd just put to good use.

During November and December of 2012 I was shooting for Bershka's Winter Lookbook alongside Lennart Richter (Modelwerk, Hamburg) in Barcelona. This was around the time I first started taking my Canon T90 with me when modelling, to experiment with photographing on set; making the most of the ready-lit studios and locations. Naturally Lennart became my main subject for the day. I wanted to get in on the action, while he was being styled, directed or getting made-up. I scurried about all day whenever I wasn't being shot myself, frantically switching lenses trying to get a successful portrait amongst the commotion. I felt seeing the model interact with the environment of the studio, the photographer, stylists, light rigs, back drops etc made for a dynamic subject to shoot, leaving plenty of room for creative composition and light experimentation.

I also captured a portrait of Spanish photographer Alejandro Pereira, when he shot me for C&A Clockhouse's SS13 campaign in December 2012. We got on really well and he was keen to discuss photography and let me take a few pictures of him; he even let me adjust the lighting set up temporarily for the shot. After the shoot I went for a stroll round Barcelona, embracing the fleeting mental solitude of a 2-night business trip alone. This is where the sunset shot happened, after a couple hours walk and a few beers, I saw that orange-blue glow over the horizon of the Barcelona cityscape. I just had to stop to photograph it.

The other Barcelona shots include the stairwell in the Inglaterra Hotel, located in the centre of town. I took this shot the night I arrived, after a wander round the hotel with my camera looking for anything interesting to photograph, it's always refreshing being thrown into a completely different culture and surroundings, everything is new and visually engaging.

The fourth and final time I was in Barcelona in 2012 I was shooting Bershka's SS13 campaign. I was outside the studio with Simone from Bershka when I decided to take his photo, it was cigarette break time while they shot the girls and we were outside enjoying the surprisingly warm December sun, when I pointed my camera at him he started clowning around and pulled up his hood, we all laughed and he asked to see, only to realise I was using film. I still don't think he's seen it. I like it though.

Fast forward to London Fashion Week and I was working at this presentation for Mr. Porter. Chuck Achike from FM was there too, always nice to work with guys from the same agency. It was the first time I had met him and we ended up sitting next to each other on plinths for 4 hours at the entrance to the gallery. It was cold. We had a laugh though and found out we were both from the same part of London. When the gallery was closed to the press I rushed upstairs to grab my camera to get a quick shot of Chuck in the Katie Eary tee he'd been modelling. The main room of the gallery had a London-themed installation, featuring a number of models standing in a number of red-telephone boxes, with a canopy of umbrellas hanging from above. It was an interesting scene and definitely worth a slide.

In mid January, 2013 I went to Berlin as Scotch & Soda had booked me for their SS13 show. I left home around 4:30am and the first of the snow had decided to see me off. I met Will Westall at Gatwick, some company eased the usual mind-numbing sequence of queueing and staring that constitutes an international commute. Descending through the clouds into Germany a solid white blanket was revealed below. It hadn't just started snowing there. We spent the day rehearsing for the show, dress rehearsals, choreography, a lot of waiting. I ceased the opportunity and explored backstage, shooting a handful of the models hanging out or getting prepped for the show. We also shot a video and once I'd done my bit I stood with the rest of the camera crew and photographed the other models.

This last shot is of dutch photographer Philippe Vogelenzang. After the portrait of Alejandro Pereira I took in Barcelona, I decided to follow suit and once again photograph my photographer (I will do this from now on, yeah). We were shooting in Amsterdam for Scotch & Soda's SS13 lookbook. It feels almost ironic whipping out a professional 35mm camera after showing up to model on a shoot, but I don't care. Everyone's always so interested and full of questions when they find out I like to take pictures too. My flight home that night ended up getting cancelled due to the snow, which meant another night to explore Amsterdam alone. I made the best of it.

Words and photography by Jamie Kendrick


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