Interview With Jack & Tom

6 March 2019

Following up on Cecilie Harris' editorial "The 4th Floor - Chapter 2" with Jack & Tom at Oxygen, we present this very charming interview with the twins.

After their breathtaking performance during their Boys by Girls shoot, we were curious to get to know the boys a bit more and get to ask them about this whole twin thing. The good and the bad. We'd quite like to meet their cat Sylverster. He sounds awesome. These chaps are stunning, amazingly charming and very polite young men!

What makes you laugh?
Tom: (laughs) I don't know… It's so hard. The Inbetweeners.

Jask: Funny dreams I've had. I had a dream the other night that me and Tom were chased by hippos. We survived the hippos.

What do you love about modelling?
Tom: I love the sense of freedom, it's fun and work you can enjoy.

Jack: It's an alternative to boring jobs, It's doing what you love and it's really fun.

Do you have any amusing twin stories you can share?
Tom: In year eight on April fools day me and jack swapped classes. It went a bit wrong though. It went really well at first and nobody could tell the difference. Then they found out, and as the teachers didn't really get the joke and told the head of the year. We spent the day in isolation after that.

What music to you listen to?
Jack: I really like the Artic Monkeys

Which designer would you really like to work with?
Jack: I'd like to answer this one…. I really like Tom Ford's collection, so would really like to work with him. Or Roberto Cavalli, that would be really awesome.

Tom: Yes I'd really like to work with them too.

Jack: We'd love to do it together.

Tell us one good thing and one bad thing about being twins.
Tom: A great thing about being a twin is clothes! Jack has clothes, I have clothes and we mix and match all the time and can create different looks so easy.

Jack: You can turn quite a lot of heads and you get a lot of positive attention which is nice. People are always curious about what it's like to be a twin and ask us a lot about it. It's cool.

Tom: A bad twin experience I had was when I was younger at school I was mean to this girl, and then a friend blamed it on Jack instead.

Do you fight a lot?
Tom & Jack: No!

Jack: If we have an argument we are like friends within the same hour.

So what is it like to be a twin, are you super connected?
Tom: Sometimes when we're walking along, I just know what Jack will say next.

Jack: I think cause we know each other so well, we can communicate a lot just through our eyes.

What's the longest you've ever been apart?
Tom: I think about a week.

Jack: We were both staying at someone elses house, and the first thing we wanted to do when we came back was to see each other. I know it sound cheesy, but when I walk in the door the first person I wanna see is Tom. It's feels good when we're together.

Tom: Yeh, we both have different friends, but after a little while apart we definitely look forward to seeing each other again.

What makes you different from each other?
Jack: Tom's more into sports and football and stuff, and I'm more like arts, dance and drama. It works really well, because I'm into dance and Tom's into football, we're not competing for the same thing. So I think that's why we're so close, cause we support each other in what we do. Although we've always been doing very different things, we're the best friends.

What can't you like without?
Jack: I think it's my cat. It's a black and white cat called Sylvester, and me and Tom absolutely love it.

Tom: Our cat Sylvester. He's our life! He's a perfect little pet.

Do you enjoy photoshoots with your twin brother or on your own?
Jack: I'd say much more with him, because you've got more to work with. Your with someone you can pull body shapes and stuff like that together. Because we're twins we have that synchronistic that photographers seems to enjoy, so definitely working with Tom. It's easy.

Thanks guys, you're such dolls we adore you!

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