Interview With Isaac Carew

6 June 2012

We had the chance to work with the very handsome Isaac Carew at Nevs models recently, so we jumped at the chance of having a little chat time with him.

You can check out some of the images from his recent editorial with Cecilie Harris for 1883 Magazine here.

Also visit his Boys by Girls profile here, which includes a few unseen images.

Hi Isaac, what a cool name. Is there an impressive story behind it perhaps you feel like sharing?
I wouldn't say impressive pretty simple my mum and dad named me after Isaac Hayes the musician, and Carew is swedish and also my great great great great great blah blah was the Vice captain of the Mary Rose war ship a very long time ago.

Oooh nice, so quite impressive. We are massive fans of your awesomeness, how did you get into modelling in the first place?
Well you'll have to thank my booker Rebecca for my 'Awesomeness' if thats a word? She's the one who scouted me outside Selfridges about 4 years ago.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris

What are some of your favorite shoots you've done and why?
Some of my best shots would have to Hermes, Swatch and Reiss, as they were loads of fun to shoot and I got to shoot with some amazing photographers including Nick Knight, Rankin and Jamie Morgan. I've also just shot L'oreal with Chris Craymer, he was so chilled and incredibly friendly.

Give us three random Isaac facts.
I'm a lion.
I'm an idiot.
I'm a lover.

What's your favorite movie?
My favourite films would have to be "Aladdin" for a classic disney film, "Shame" for a more recent film and "Leon" for my all time favourite. I'll never get bored of Natalie Portman...........

Who would win the battle between princess Leia and queen Amidala?
I wouldn't have a clue who would win, but considering Amidala is Natalie I'll go with her.

What advise would you give to boys that are just getting into modelling?
I'm in no position to give advice, but I would say just be yourself, don't take yourself too seriously and always be professional when you have to be.

What's your top three most listened to tracks on your ipod at the moment?
My top three iPod tracks at the moment are (grabs iPhone) "Drunk" by Ed Sheeran, "Pipe Down" by BabyvShambles and "Keep Your Head Up" by Ben Howard.

What do you do when you're not modelling?
When I'm not modelling I cook nearly non stop, go to the gym and I've also just launched my own brand Mercy & Wild!

What are you passionate about?
Food and cooking is my main passion.

Thanks Isaac for this wonderful chat! Stop by soon again.

Isaac Carew_MS1
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