Harry The Sensitive Soul

6 March 2019

We like hanging with Harry. After our editorial for our 6th issue "The Truth About Boys", we had a closer chat with him to try to solve the mysteries of Harry Curran.

This charming, yet very modest AMCK Models boy is seriously cool and collected and appreciates the simple things in life. Content in his own company, Harry often uses his time to capture his creative ideas through the medium of drawing. With his ‘I’m just so laid back that I may as well be horizontal’ approach to life, coupled with his wonderful artistic talent and mesmerizing looks, this young man can’t go wrong.

We have spent a lot of time with the beautiful Harry this year and he never disappoints. From Cecilie Harris from our ‘Boys of Summer 2013’ feature to his "The Truth About Boys" editorial.

It’s very hard not to become completely in awe of Harry’s modesty and how unaware he is of his modelling achievements and extreme beauty. There is something captivating about Harry, and his infectious smile is definitely a catch. Learning about his compassion towards his younger family, sense of humor and love of food will most definitely make you a Harry fan.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Harry, I feel like I want to know something about what you were like as a ten year old.
Ten is a good age! I remember when I was nine I wasn’t doing too good at school, but then one day I thought to myself; I am going to do as well as I can, so that I can go to a good secondary school. In Essex, you can do your eleven-plus and then go to a grammar school if you pass, so I became really focused and worked really hard. I had some good friends, it was cool. I was a bit shy but I think it got worse when we moved house, because we left Southend-on Sea and moved to Hertfordshire, where I didn’t know anyone.

Is everyone in your family shy, or is it just you?
No. It’s just me. At home I am relaxed and comfortable, I don’t know why I am shy in other situations.

When do you feel at your most comfortable?
When I am on my own!

I love that you are comfortable in your own company.
Yes I'm definitely comfortable in my own company. Modeling has been a really positive thing to have happened to me, because you need to do loads of painfully awkward things and after a while you just get used to doing them. Like wearing skinny clothes, I never used to wear skinny clothing at all.

You look so good in slim fitted clothing!
But before I just used to think that I was so skinny and I used to wear like three t-shirts, extra large sizes or three hoodies. I was so self-conscious about how skinny I was.

Have you always been very slim?
Yeah. Well I had a chubby face, but I have always been skinny. Even in the summer I would wear a jumper or something. That’s another good thing that modeling has done for me, like people say I look good in clothes...clothes that actually fit me. Not like sleeping bags! So yeah it makes me feel more comfortable in myself.

Surely when you see yourself looking great in magazines and catwalks you must feel good?
I don’t think it looks like me, I just don’t believe it. Honestly, I don’t think I look like a model at all. This is probably why I just laugh at myself all the time like, "haha… I’m a model!".

How long have you been modeling for?
Two years!

That’s quite a while!
I know! It still seems weird. I remember when I got signed, I was like "I can’t technically call myself a model yet as I have only done like one job". I remember when I was four or five months in and I did the Topman job, and I was like "yeah, I do a bit of modeling". I just didn’t think I would go anywhere with it, or whether it was just a fluke.

And now you’re super busy!
Yeah! And this makes me laugh; I’m an internationally signed model. I don’t know how that happened!

What makes you excited and want to get out of bed in the morning?
I like spending time with my little brother and my nieces. I'm definitely a family person. When it comes to all the young’uns of the family especially, I like being the big brother and the uncle.

I have seen you climbing trees and such things.
Yeah, haha. I think it is good to take my siblings out and do things like that, otherwise my bro is inside playing the Play Station all day. He should be out doing stuff! I don’t know what makes me get up… I would stay in bed all day if I could.

You also like to draw, when did you start that?
When I was younger if I saw a cool picture that I liked, I would just draw it. I would go around to my gran and draw. In every place that I went there were always pens and paper for me to draw with. But as I get older I find that I have to be in the right mood, it’s more like a hobby.

You once told me that you drew a lot whilst you were in New York.
Ah yeah! I used to draw people on the trains and others sitting in a park. I would sit in Times Square and draw everyone who sat next to me. Some people would sit next to me, but then leave after half a minute. It was good practice to learn to draw quickly and to draw real people, not just people from a book.

What inspires your art and what mediums do you like to use?
I sometimes draw pictures from books, but I like to change them slightly and play with colour. None of my artwork is connected; it’s all just random. I mostly like to just draw in pencil really. My art teacher once told me that she thinks I am really arrogant. I was like “what, surely I am like the least arrogant person?” No, it’s just because she knows that I like to be careful instead of going crazy with things like ink. There are loads of different things that you can use to make art but I just like drawing.

This issue is called “ The Truth About Boys”, tell me more about Harry.
I am just so laid back that I may as well just be horizontal. Honestly, I just don’t think about complicated things. I am my happiest doing simple things.

That’s a really good quality to have, if it is the little things that make you happy.
It’s annoying because I really don’t care about money or clothes. I don’t really care about how I look; well sometimes I do if I look like a complete mess. But I don’t really care about what I wear or to try to impress people.

What would be your perfect day and how would you spend it?
Having a barbeque in the back garden with all the kids running around. That’s a good one for me.

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
Oh god! Probably living in the woods, in a log cabin.

You should move to Scandinavia!
Yeah! I don’t know what is going to happen. I would like to live somewhere different or go traveling. I hope I will have been to Asia by then!

You may even be able to go there with your modeling!
I really hope so! Even if I don’t go through work I will try and get there somehow. I love culture, food and watching anime.

Culture, food and anime sound like a good combo. Always nice seeing you, Harry! We hope you find your log cabin sometime soon.

Interview and polaroid by Cecilie Harris
Words by Megan Gisborne.

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