Get To Know Tom Watts. He’s Cool.

7 March 2013

Like many of our boys 17-year-old Tom Watts (Elite Models London) is no exception when it comes to loving music; he even got scouted at Reading Festival this summer. While we do love a cheeky story about an awkward modelling experience, we were even more excited to discover that Tom plays so many instruments he could start his very own One-Man-Band. Not so sure you should call it “Flabby Parsnip” though Tom…

The Boys by Girls team got very excited during the shoot when we saw how similar he was to the boy that we all adore, the one and only Matthew Bell. All we could think was “Twin!”… and you know how much we love twins! Thus we adore Tom and we’re sure you will too. Read on to find out more about Tom’s musical skills, boxing and his claim to fame. You also NEED to check out his recent Boys by Girls editorial "Let It Rain". Well good.

How did you get into modelling?
I was scouted a few months-maybe-a-bit-longer ago at Reading Festival; yeah it was kind of random. I just thought ‘why not, I’ll just do it?’ If you know what I mean.

What the craziest modelling shoot you’ve done so far?
Oh well I wouldn’t say it was so crazy, but it was a bit of an interesting one. It was like a vintage boxing themed one, just me and another guy, with our tops off, getting sprayed with freezing cold water to make us look all sweaty and sporty…. It was a little bit awkward if you know what I mean, a little bit homoerotic.

So aside from modelling what do you spend your time doing?
I’m doing A Levels (meant to be doing A Levels), but I’ve just missed so much college because of modelling. Hobby wise I guess music, I play a lot of music. Anything to do with music I’ve kind of explored.

Do you play an instrument?
Yeah, yeah I do, I can play a bit of the guitar, bass and the drums, and the keyboard too.

Ah good mix, you could start a one-man band!
Exactly! Yeah if it’s in a band I can have a go at it.

If you had a band what would you call it?
Oh God… there was actually a name that my friends and me always used to say that if we ever had a band we’d call it that. It was like ‘Flabby Parsnip’ or something weird. You know a random mix of two words… so that I guess!

So as you’re in to music, what are your top 5 songs right now?
Tessellate by Alt-J ∆

Ah I (Hannah) love Alt-J!
Everyone loves Alt-J… ahhh can I just choose 5 Alt-J songs?!

Haha! You can if you want!
Ah well then, you’ve gotta have ‘Matilda’ on the list if you’re talking about Alt-J and then I also really love The Kings of Leon; like the older Kings of Leon stuff like ‘Red Morning Light’ or ‘Molly’s Chambers’…. And then a 5th song…. Have you heard ‘Flaws’ by Bastille? I really love that song! So that would be up there at the moment; those would be my five.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
It’s a bit of a cliché but probably America. I really want to drive coast to coast with a group of mates, that would be my ultimate holiday.

And if it was for a modelling job where would you want to go?
New York. New York every single time, I would love to go there! It would be so cool.

What’s your claim to fame?
Ah… wow…

Everyone has one!
I went to school with Ainslie Harriet’s daughter. There you go!

Give us a random fact about yourself.
I’m left handed.

I’m trying my best to learn how to moon walk!

Where’s your favourite place to be in the world?
It’s probably Brick Lane, on a Sunday. Brick Lane on a Sunday is probably the best place ever! That I’ve ever been to anyway…

Thanks for the interview Tom!

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