Get To Know Charlie. He’s A Cutie.

9 April 2013

Here at Boys by Girls we love a new fresh face. We had the very handsome 15-year-old Charlie at PRM in front of Cecilie Harris's lens for a little portrait series, and after meeting him at our casting for the 5th Boys by Girls issue we couldn’t help but take the time out to get to know him a bit better. Charlie couldn't stop giggling during the interview and we found it infectious!

He has many hobbies outside of school, nothing better than skating with his mates and freestyle skiing as well as spending time singing and playing his guitar (although definitely not when his parents are around!) and you know how we love boys with talent. Clearly Charlie is no exception.

Check out the full interview below, where we delve into Charlie's life so far and find out a little more about his passions. Also make sure to check out his exclusive portraits for Boys by Girls by Cecilie Harris here

What are people going to want to know about charlie?
I do a lot in my spare time, especially when I get home from school I play a lot of guitar and go down to the skatepark quite a lot with my mates. We all like to skate, especially when it's sunny. I do quite a lot of skiing as well, mainly freestyle skiing and I do a lot of racing, I competed at national level!

What kind of music do you play on your guitar?
A lot of acoustic stuff. I can play electric and acoustic but I started off a lot on electric but I moved on to acoustic, which I prefer because its more fun to sing along to. Sort of the more mainstream songs I like to play, like Ed Sheeran.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris

Do you sing?
When my parents aren't around haha. Yeah I like to sing.

What were you like as a 5 year old?
I was a pain! According to my mum anyways. I never used to listen to anything she said and I used to swear and spit a lot. Thankfully I’ve grown out of that haha!

Do you listen to your mum now?
Yeah, cause she seems to know everything right haha. She's very supportive, I'm lucky to have her.

What would you say you are the most passionate about?
Definitely music! Everywhere I go I have to have my headphones in, even if its a bus journey and one stop, I have to listen to music. I love music. Favourite song at the moment would probably be Pompeii by Bastille.

Have you enjoyed your shoot today?
Yeah I really enjoyed it! I was nervous at first but it was very, very fun.

What was your favourite part?
Most probably working will all the spots because like you said, it lets you be creative and just have fun.

Give us three random things about yourself:
Erm… shy… competitive and a big appetite.

What's your favourite food?
Most probably marshmallow fluff. It's basically like, you know Nutella comes in a plastic pot, its like that but its marshmallow and you can use it as a spread… but I just dip my fingers into it from the pot haha. (Boys by Girls points out marsmallow fluff doesn't count as actual food.)

What's your favourite dinner?
Most definitely Sunday roast!

Where would your favourite place to travel be?
Somewhere like Milan, or somewhere with a lot of culture.

Do you have a favourite museum?
Definitely the british museum! I used to go there all the time when I was little.

What would your dream modelling job be?
My dream would be to be on the cover of anything to be honest. Just be able to go into a shop, pick up a magazine and buy it and be like, that's me on the cover there!

I have a feeling your mum would buy it!
Yes! She would most probably put it all over the house and on the walls and everything haha.

Do you have any last things for the Boys by Girls readers?
Live every second of your life to the fullest, because you never know when it's going to end.

Thanks for the chat Charlie!

Polaroid_Charlie Wheelhouse
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