Fionn The Pre-Mature Grandad

12 November 2013

During her editorial shoot ‘Forever is a Really Long Time’ with Fionn Creber at Nevs Model Management for Boys by Girls' next issue “Lessons”, photographer Cecilie Harris took some time to get to know a bit more of what goes on in that head of his. It turns out - quite a lot. In fact, so much so that the conversation below is more like a continuous thread of thoughts that run straight from his brain and out of his mouth than your standard interview. You really will get one step closer to understanding how this boy thinks, and learn the weird and wonderful way in which he sees the world.

The thing that strikes us first is that Fionn is very honest. He says what he thinks, even if it’s not cool, clever or funny (but that is ironically what makes him all three). Cecilie asked Fionn about the lessons he has learned so far in life, and which ones have been the most useful. You will also learn about Fionn’s old-fashioned sense of style, his view on the two types of tie and why he’s so obsessed with rocks. This is unmissable stuff, people.

Enjoy the video and full interview below to hear Fionn's explanation of his love for ties, love for Pulp Fiction quotes, and so much more. Dressed in Derek Rose (Fionn felt the silk robe on top of the silk pyjamas would make him double as cosy) styled by David Nolan, the relaxed attire is the perfect fit for this video insight. Also, make sure to purchase your own copy of "Lessons" here.

Hi, I am Fionn. Milk never becomes uncool. It is sort of a mainstay really. It helps you grow, tastes nice. It is one of my favorite things. Dressing like a granddad steadily becomes better as you get older. I mean look at me, its amazing. There is a C.S. Lewis quote, I can't remember it... I don't want to butcher it. It goes something on the lines of; "When I was older I put away childish things, and then I wanted to have them back. " That is the message of it. I butchered it royally, but you get the gist. I suppose one of the biggest lessons you learn when growing up is, well certainly in my house, to laugh a lot while you can. Life is a bit of fun really, and we like to laugh and to smile.

Be quirky, if you can't be anything else. Being a bit weird never hurt anyone, I mean have a starfish doorstop. Recite "Pulp Fiction" quotes. Ties. Ties are very important to me. You got your plain ones, your red ones.

Thanks for showing me your starfish doorstop! You have to do another show and tell, because that was cool.
I don't have anything else to show and tell, that was my coolest thing! I have a collection of rocks from when I was a little though. This is quartz. When I was little I really like geology, and paleontology, and anything to do with ground and rocks. Family and friends kept giving it to me until I had long outgrown it. But it's still shiny and cool. And shiny is nice, I like shiny.

Oh yes, do show.
Here are two examples of ties. A standard, fat ass tie, I am not compensating for anything for the width of this by the way. And then you get this, elegant, slightly violently patterned. But you know, Both of them are my dad's. Like I said, dressing like an elderly, he is not elderly, but you know..... dressing like an older man doesn't hurt you.

What was the first thing early on that you learned?
Probably how to walk. Kind of like what everyone learns really. Oh a philosophical lesson; it is hard to remember lessons you have learned, when you already have learned them, because then it seems as something you've always done.

Have you made any big mistakes that you've learned from afterwards?
Don't run through the field in your pyjama bottoms barefoot, waiving around a big red robe around your head while people are walking by, whilst trying to jump to avoid horse droppings. That is not a good idea, even if it is "artistic". That the kind of thing your looking for?

Not my fault at all. That was somebody else.
Appreciate the irony. I've got a Doors poster behind a door.

What have you learned from your parents?
How to do a bad Irish accent. Be open. Be honest and open to those you care about, about how you feel, cause there is no point in hiding things away from them. 'Cause, if they know you well enough, they are always going to realize something is wrong. And if you are in my family, they are going to pester you until you explode! So, it's best just to be honest. Wash regularly. Otherwise you get beaten around the head. I learned that around 8. It is best to adopt your fathers music taste, rather than your mothers. Just, cause mums usually don't care as much, and dads take it to heart. So, grab that vinyl and learn how to use it.

Talk a little about your music taste?
My music taste? I am pretty old school in everything. I enjoy dressing like a pre-mature grandfather. And I like, Led Zeppelin, I like the Doors, I like Indie Pop. I mean that is a brilliant display of athleticism, he does that still.

All these things you've learned so far, what kind of man do you think you'll turn into.
A mad man. I will probably end up a grouchy old bastard living on my own, and shouting at young people. The person I want to be like is just anyone who loves everything in their life, and can enjoy it for what it is. The person I reckon I will be like, is my dad, who is just a wonderful person, and who is a miserable bastard sometimes. But he is just one of the best people ever.

Is there anything more you would like to add?
Poetry is good. Even if you think it is shit.

Polaroids by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Annie Ounstead and Sara Gilmer.

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