Engineering, Surfing And Fireball

9 June 2015

“Where are you from?” a simple question that leads to the opening of countless doors. Going beyond what your eyes see is something so beautiful, and a frequent occurence as chuckles overfill the office at BBG. Sinking into the couch, Sam's shoulder length flowy hair falls across his face as he brushes and tucks it behind his ears. A couple of scars replaces a tattoo, full of memories. Full of life and adventure, anything sounds like a good crack to Sam.

Being a lover of travelling the world with his surf board, Sam Kinnear at Established Models is approached on a beach in Australia. A boy of many talents, we wonder how he fits all of these activities into such a tight schedule. After spending a couple of hours with him, we can see how he is adaptable to any environment. Living by words of wisdom from his dad, he has the energy and wit to start his own TV show, without a doubt.

You can also find Sam in the latest Boys by Girls issue "The Trouble With Boys", in the documentary "Boys at School" feature that is available online and in shops now.

Hey, would you like to introduce yourself?
I’m Sammy Kinnear, I’ve been modelling for nearly a year now and I’m with Established Models.

How did you get scouted?
I was travelling in Australia and was surfing on a beach and this little chap came up to me and said “would you like to be a model?” I thought it sounded like a good crack, so here I am.

Do you enjoy it?
Yeah, I mean you meet so many new people and everyone is so lovely. All of the photographers I’ve worked with have been great. It’s good fun.

Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Besides modelling, what are your other passions?
Well, I’m actually a full on farmer. Before my first casting this morning I had already lambed three sheep. Most models don’t really do stuff like that. I had a good shower and stuff.

Haha that’s amazing! What kind of animals do you have?
We have a herd of about 80 cattle and a breeding herd of like 50 sheep. And yeah we’re mid lambing season, so it’s quite busy. We got about two hours sleep last night.

Any other talents?
I’m really into boarding, surfing, snowboarding and mountain biking. I enjoy my art as well and sport obviously. I’m quite into my gymnastics; I only started lessons this year though.

You’re very talented! Do you study as well?
Yeah I study Civil Engineering at Bath.

That’s completely different from any of the other talents you’ve mentioned.
Yeah, it’s quite an intense course, there is a lot of work involved.

How do you have time to do all of these things?!
Well luckily living on a farm, all of the mounting boarding and all of the animals and stuff is right there, because that’s where I live. I do gymnastics while I’m at University and I like to get out of the city. I normally go surfing on a weekend; got a big pickup truck, put my board in the back and off I go.

Living on farm, what do you think of Bath?
I do like my space. I’m not gonna lie, I love the country. Cities are so busy, everybody is so speedy like ‘CYA!’ But Bath is such a lovely city, so I think out of all the places I could have gone to Bath is probably the best. It’s tiny though, you could walk across it in about 40 minutes.

What would you say your three benefits are growing up in the country?
The ability to work without complaining. My dad has always worked us, on a day off you’ll probably work 4 hours and that’s a day off. There’s always something to do. I guess I can wake up early without complaining, that’s another benefit. Because we have no neighbours, you know, if you wanna go and blow up a melon in a field, you can do that.

What is your dream?
I’d definitely love to get a good job that allowed me to travel, which is why I chose to do engineering. My ideal job would be designing film sets for films with really dramatic scenery. Like, Lord of the Rings did all that stuff in New Zealand, and my ideal job would be to go and scout all of those locations. See all of these amazing places.

You’re featured in our new issue ‘The Trouble With Boys’. What would you say are troubles boys go through today?
I’d say it changes throughout the growing up period. Realistically, up until you’re about 12 the troubles are pretty limited. You know, you normally find your friends, but I suppose as soon as puberty hits then boys have that pressure to drink and all that. I feel like it’s that transition into adulthood.

When it comes to group pressure, have you got any advice on the best way to deal with that?
I’d say just always do what makes you happy. Sporting wise, I’ve always said it’s really good to push yourself if you want to get better. Peer pressure wise don’t ever do stuff that you’re not comfortable with.

Do you think there’s a difference between peer pressure in the city and the country?
I’d say it’s pretty similar across the board. Obviously, in the country I’d say there’s a lot less pressure, because it’s not such an intense environment. There is so much space, you can let go of any stress. If you’re worked up or whatever, you can go cycle up a hill or go and blow up another melon. Poor melons.

What other things can you blow up on a farm? Haha
Oh, we’ve tried quite a few things! We’ve strapped quite a lot of stuff to fireworks, like teddy bears and stuff. And then we’ve got this big Orchard full of apples and every year when fall comes and all of the apples are on the ground, we dress up in cricket gear and effectively paintball with apples. We’re aloud about five apple bombs each, which is just a French banger and an apple. It’s a good laugh! We’ve also invented a Kinnear Specials game called Fireball Hockey. You get a toilet roll, wrap it in chicken mesh and soak it in diesel for 24 hours and then you light it and hit it with a hockey stick.

Haha. How do you think of these games?!
Well, all of my family are pretty much farmers. Apart from one uncle who lives in New Zealand so you just develop them.

Are they family traditions?
Yeah, every Christmas instead of going to church we play Fireball.

I want to meet your family, they sound like so much fun. What life advice would you give to people?
My dad has always said you die if you worry, you die if you don’t, so don’t worry. So I suppose that’s what we live by. You generally live a happier life if you worry less. There’s just no point in it.

Wise words Sam. Make sure to get a the latest print issue "The Trouble With Boys" to see Sam Copeland's capture of Sam in the "Boys at School" documentary feature. Available in shops and via our website.

Interview and Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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