Elliot The Ultimate Skater Boy

17 December 2013

When Elliot Stevens strolled into the Boys by Girls office we thought he might be moving himself in; after saying his cheery hello's to the team he decided to empty a rather large bag of clothes across the floor. Nice to see you feel at home here Elliot. It is always wonderful when Elliot comes into our office, he's one of those people who always has so much to tell and has such a good vibe about him.

Elliot has been a firm friend of Boys by Girls for some time now. When we first met Elliot it was love at first sight as we photographed him for a digital story, and we then went on to shoot him for our issues "The 4th Floor" and "A Place Called Youth". The talented young skater boy was keen to fill us in on his travels from back home in Manchester to the sunny west coast of America, and obviously skating. Elliot we have missed you.

Elliot pumpkin, tell us what you’ve been up to?
I’ve been living back in Manchester for a bit recently, working in a bar and then coming down to London for modeling. I’ve also been skating quite a lot recently.

Haven’t you been travelling?
I actually just got back from Budapest which was amazing. I went with my girlfriend for a nice week away.

You also went to LA for quite a while?
Oh yeah, at the end last year I went to LA for 2 and a half months and then 2 weeks in New York just before Christmas. I went with my girlfriend and we were mostly just hanging out with friends, and did a lot of skating. We were staying downtown in the arts district, and got meet a lot of cool people who showed us some cool places to hang out.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Tell us more about the skating you did out there.
I know these eight guys from Chicago who have all moved out to LA and live together in a house who run a skate magazine out there. We’d go out and drive around and find different skate spots. Some of the locations were amazing, very different from the ones you get in England, its like they’ve been made to skate in.

Are the UK ones made to not skate in?!
(Laughs) Yeah exactly! No usually it’s fine, even though there were a couple of times where we would get chucked out by security and things. We went to one around Venice Beach one day, hung out around the beach that was really good, really relaxing. I entered a skate competition that’s run by this famous skater and got to meet some cool people, like people that I'd seen in skate videos, so that was cool. They were some of the people that I’d looked up to since I was younger.

That sounds like an amazing trip.
Yeah, really enjoyed it and then we got to fly to NY after that, it was around Christmas time so everything was really Christmassy over there. While we were there my girlfriend and I got to be in an extra for the River Island video that a mate of mine was making. The location was crazy, like a Frank Sinatra style mansion, it blew me away.

Lets talk about modeling; you’re with a new agency nowadays?
Yeah I’ve moved over to Established Models now, its been really good so far, everyone who works there are really nice.

What else have you been up to?
I think the last job I did was for Urban Outfitters. I was also an extra in this new program that BBC are making. I got to walk down the street with a football and then like ride along on a BMX.

So you're like ‘boy on bike?!’
(Laughs) Yeah or boy with football, not sure which one they’ll go with, but I’m sure it will look good. Otherwise I've been filming stuff for this skate video with my mates, it's pretty exciting. I’m looking forward to producing something. Im sure there will be some stuff online soon.

You know we like your skating so keep us in the loop!
Yeah I definitely will do!

Thanks for popping by Elliot, its been great catching up.

Words by Cleo Glover.

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