Daniel The Calm Soul

24 January 2014

Malvern boy Daniel Stowe at Elite Models London is more than just a striking face. At just 21 he is full of talent and have mastered three different career paths already. He is a boy of calm and honesty.

On a recent visit to Boys by Girls headquarters we had a chance to get to know this model a bit more. Daniel is softly spoken, a thoughtful character and loves nothing more than to relax on a day off with his favourite films.

Read on to find out more about Daniel's job adventures, modelling memories and his new found friendship with office cat Tilly.

Hi Dan, tell ua a bit more about yourself?
I’m Dan Stowe, I’m 21, I’m from Malvern and I’m with Elite Models London.

What should people know about you?
After I left school I joined the army. Then I left the army to do an engineering apprenticeship, and once I finished that and became a model.

Polaroids by Cecilie Harris

Army, engineering, modelling - those are all very different things!
That's how it's always worked out! haha

What have you learned from each one of those three?
The army was mostly discipline. Engineering was mostly about electrics. And then modelling, where I've probably learnt quite a bit about myself. This is definitely different to anything else I've ever done.

How do you enjoy the modelling compared to what you've done before?
I enjoy it a lot more, it's probably my favourite job so far. You have to do a lot, but you also get more time to yourself inbetween castings and travelling.

I guess with modelling, you never really know what to expect?
That's what's good about it, you never really end up doing the same thing. It will always be different, maybe in a different area or in a different clothes, or you could be doing something really different for an editorial.

What have you enjoyed the most about modelling so far?
I probably enjoy shows the most. When I did my first fashion week. I did a show for Christopher Shannon, twhich was probably my favourite so far. It's funny becuase in school I didn't like drama subjects, and having to be in front of people. But I enjoy it at shows. Before shows I get really nervous, but as soon as you come out it's a lot better!

What do you do on a day off?
I mostly watch films on my days off.

What's your favourite film?
That's a tricky question! Probably "Stepbrothers", I've probably seen that film a thousand times. I could probably repeat all the words to it.

What do you think you'd like to be doing in ten years time?
Haha, I'm still trying to figure that one out. I'm 21 and still really getting into it. When I left the army I intended to go back, so I need to figure out if that's still what I'm going to do, or whether I'll just start something completely new.

When are you at your happiest?
When I'm at home and I'm around everybody I know, my friends, family and my girlfriend.

Any more interesting facts?
I like cats, that's an interesting fact.

I think cats like you too!
haha Not all animals like me, I've been bitten a few times by dogs! Friendly dogs are ok though

Cheers Daniel, wish you all the best with everything.

Words by Sophie Mayanne.

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