Conor About Santa, Subway & Socks

22 October 2012

We have shown a lot of love lately for Conor Doherty, the male winner of Elite Model Look 2012, the past few weeks, cause he deserves it. We wanted to have a talk with him to learn a bit more about Conor, so we took some time to sit down for a chat during our last shoot with him.

Find out how he got into modelling and how he feels about Santa in the interview below, as well as what his guilty pleasures are.

We can't wait to follow his modelling career, as we're sure he'll make some fabulous impact. You can also view his Boys by Girls editorial "Conor" and see some classic portraits photographed by Cecilie Harris. here.

I'm Conor Doherty, I'm 16 and I'm from West London.
We love that you give yourself a thumbs up when saying your name.
Of course, you've got to.
You've just won Elite Model Look 2012! How did you end up in the competition?
I was scouted by a guy doing an internship at Elite Models London, so I was really lucky. And then I ended up winning, which I'm still half in shock about. At the start I was quite nervous, but I'm really getting into it now.
How are you feeling about starting this journey as a model?
It's so different to what I'd usually do. I was never really into fashion or modelling, but now that I'm sort of wrapped up in it, it's really fun. I'd really love to travel to New York, Paris and Tokyo and wherever modelling would take me.
How has your first few weeks of modelling been like?
I've shot with Rankin for Hunger Magazine, shot of Hero Magazine and also done catwalk shows. And of course Boys by Girls.
What do you do in your spare time?
I do sports, like football and rugby.
Are you good?
I used to be quite good at football.
What is your guilty pleasure?
Subways! I love Subways. In the last week I've probably eaten at least 50 inches of subway. But that's gotta stop now though, cause I need to get in shape. There is a Subway right next to the Elite headquarters, so it's so tempting haha.
Can you give us three random facts
I don't like toes. I wear two pairs of socks cause I don't like them. They look like little aliens to me. Look…. Oh no, I can't believe I just touched my feet. I love shoes though.
I'm on the 4th Floor right now, where you shot your last issue "The 4th Floor". That's pretty cool.
I'm catholic, and when I was young once at a quite big mass, my mother was trying to keep me quiet and went "Look, there's father Sean, there's father Patrick" and apparently I screamed very loudly "Where's father Christmas?"
Did you used to believe in Santa Claus?
Yes of course! I still do. He's real. I at least believe in the spirit of him. Everything feels a little warmer at Christmas.
Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about you?
I'm single haha.

Thanks Conor, you must check in with us soon again!
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