An Interview With Luke Worrall

24 April 2012

Our interview with Luke Worrall (D1) during Cecilie Harris' recent shoot with him for our "The 4th Floor" series.

In a relaxed interview (slightly interrupted by Mikhael Ayoub whilst he was cooking pasta for everyone) he talks about modelling, DJ'ing and BMX'ing.

What's the craziest thing you've done on a BMX?
I like jumping, that's pretty fun.

What are your main inspirations in life?
One of them is riding my bike a lot. I like playing instruments and fiddling with music at home, and DJ'ing. I have decks and instruments at home. I've got a pair of vinyl and play the keyboard too.

Give us three random facts about yourself.
I'm happy right now at work even though it's Saturday.
I like the artwork on my arms. I like marking myself.
I like to travel.
And I love cooking food a lot when I'm at home.
BBG: That's four facts, now you're just getting greedy.
Luke: Laughs.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Down the pub? No I'm joking. Hopefully working still; modelling, playing music and DJ'ing still and travelling. I played Glastonbury festival last year, that was cool. I've been doing DJ'ing a lot and done some pretty cool things.

If you could pick a person to be, who's life would you nick?
I like to do something that's fun and exciting. I'd quite like to be a fisherman in the caribean. It seems really nice and chilled.
BBG: They do smell a bit though? But you'd like to be a fisherman
Luke: Yeah. I like boats.

What music do you listen to?
I play mostly deep house music, but the music I listen to a lot is Dub Reggae. Scala at Kings Cross is good. It's crazy baselines and slow beats.
Micky: What is Dub Reggae?
Luke: You know Dubstep. Dubstep comes from Dub Reggae.

What do you do in your spare time?
I ride my BMX. I also DJ. I try to be romantic when I can. And I go around to to my mum's house a lot and cook her meals.
BBG: Awwwww!
Micky: What a sweet guy. Don't you just fancy him? I learned the word fancy when I came to London.

Thanks Luke, it was an absolute pleasure!

"I once did a shoot naked, on the beach, in the snow....that wasn't so much fun..."

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Luke Worrall_MS2
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