Aaron The Spontaneous Sweetheart

22 January 2013

The charming Aaron Gatward is truly a sweetheart and surprisingly shy considering how chatty he was during our interview. Having only been modelling for just under a month when we met him, we think this 18-year-old boy from Select Models Management could go far, especially with his cheeky smile and wicked sense of humour.

While Aaron said that he enjoyed working out, he failed to mention that he also fancied himself a minor stuntman. On first sight of Cecilie’s scooter he claimed he could land jumping a small flight of stairs. He did it. Aaron was unharmed and obtained daredevil status on the shoot that day… unfortunately the scooter wasn’t so lucky. No matter though! We still adore him anyway, particularly because of his intense love of music and his appreciation of life. Read on to meet the lovely Mr Gatward and don’t forget to check out his portrait series by photographer Cecilie Harris that we posted at the end of last year. We also caught up with Aaron over the London Collections: Men, so make sure you go and check him out here.

How did you get into modelling?
Well, basically from a young age, my parents and everyone in my family told me that I had “the look”, you know… you should go for it. Never had any confidence at all so… I have a good friend who’s with Select as well, and one of his friends recognised me through him, so it started off like that. She wanted to put me out there, so we booked appointments with agencies and I signed with Select. So I’m here now!

Sound’s good!
Yeah pretty good! The atmosphere at Select is just brilliant, its like a sort of family atmosphere. It’s really good, I like it.

Great! How long have you been there?
Its my third week.

Wow! Have you enjoyed it so far?
Yeah I've done a few test shoots, lots of castings and editorials now too. Yeah it’s been cool! (By now he has also rocked London Collections: Men.)

What are you looking forward to most?
Lots of money haha! If I’m being completely honest, loads of money.

What will you do with it?
Just live my life, I’ve always been money deprived, so this is pretty much the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had and I’m excited to see what happens.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
My main passion is music. I’m technically at college, but obviously modelling is taking up a lot of my time now. I mean its more music production, so I learn to produce from scratch using music software like Logic and stuff like that. I just love music… It keeps me going. When I’ve been a bit down, and there’s no one around or anything to release me, music is there and it just does it. Obviously I’ve got own preferences: Reggae, rap, stuff like that, but now I’ve learnt to appreciate all music. Doing it in college, when you’ve got a class of twenty, everyone’s listening to something different. Different personalities, different backgrounds, cultures, whatever; so you just learn to appreciate everything. Now when I listen to anything its just like ‘aaah’… its like a medicine. It’s pretty cool.

So you want to make your own music?
Yeah. I mean I’m a rapper as well, but we’ll save that for another time haha. But learning to produce, I can make my own tracks, from start to finish so that’s pretty cool.

So what would your dream job be after all that?
Well to be fair I don’t know. Now obviously modelling, it would be amazing to earn a good living from it, that would be cool. Something to do with music probably. Or… something to do with cars! Cars yeah… some sort of driving.

Haha music or cars!
Like sports, like racing or something with cars as well. I love cars.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
On billboards! On TVs! I don’t know! Do you mean career wise or in general?

In general.
Hopefully settled down with a nice girl. I want to live in Kingston now, its been a bit influenced by my girlfriend, but it’s a really nice place. So yeah, living in Kingston, nice bit of money tucked away; start my family. That would be cool.

Give us three random facts about yourself.
I’m very spontaneous! Completely random sometimes, so yeah that’s one. I like to talk a lot, socialise as you can probably tell and umm one more. Oh yeah, I really like to work out and exercise. I love exercise. I see it as a sort of anger release, because most people when they get angry they’d go so something stupid like beat someone up. I take it out on the bar haha.

Where is your favourite place to be in the world?
The place where I’ve felt most at ease was this little village in Spain, up in the mountains in Malaga. It’s my brother’s home town, and there are less than a hundred people living in the whole place. You can sit there and it’s like “Listen” and everyone’s like “What are we listening for?” and its exactly that. You cannot hear anything. No disturbance. You can just sit there for hours… and the view! It’s marvellous, so beautiful. Its just stuff like they don’t need to buy anything. You’ve got plants just growing everywhere for food. So it’s the life really. You can just kick back and chill and do whatever. It’s beautiful. I love it there. I don’t get to go there often but when I do, I just love it.

Any final words for us?
Look out for me!

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