White Noise

9 September 2016

Do birds still sing and dance in the night?

Like a fade to white, the heavy mute silences the chorus. Bird song, once free in these woods, is now confused and tiring. Tides of breaths, ebbing and dancing in this muted verse, searching for life's sounds. But it is only you and I, and this lonesome flutter. Loneliness never felt so silent, so ghastly serene. Screams of bliss in this dormant universe create fractions; but stillness is all you see. Life’s expectations compress us, lean on us, squeeze us, until there is no noise left. How much control do we actually own? The young body cries.

Photographer Dovilė Šermokas teaches us to sing in the silence. Capturing Adrian Hörr at M4 Model Management in this exclusive portrait series, Dovilė tells the story of a young boy on a journey of embracing his inner self. In a world over-flowing with opinions and rules, this series reminds you how free and unconstrained a human body can be. Adrian's movements are born out of his inner space and freedom. Styled by Justas Karnickas with pieces from Athit-Witayaphaet and Anna Swic, the heaviness of life's changes in a young body is reflected within the clothes that wrap around Adrian.

Words by Charli Poster.

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