24 September 2016

“But where will you go?
I don’t know, anywhere but here."

Left, then right, and then left again. A journey bereft of a path, a beginning beyond an end. How can life be so sumptuously sweet in just one moment? The taste tantalises and tingles on the tip of the tongue, then cascades into a bitter, tasteless memory. Unfortunately, it would all be mundane otherwise.

Not for a traveller though. Going everywhere but nowhere, you ride beside the wind of change whilst others bide on the illusion of stability. Life is volatile, such as the paradox that is nature, inspiring both wonderment and repugnance.

Lotte van Raalte documents Tom Poppleton at Premier Models in black and white as he immerses into the world’s labyrinth. Dressed down in a plain white t-shirt and casual jeans, his utilitarian aesthetic supplements the perfect formula for a smooth, carefree escape.

Cars bolt past, but you daren’t be swept off your feet. Weaving in and out, banding together to whistle and whale their leaden tune. Flashes of light flicker and stream until the road runs out; you’re in no rush. You know you’ll get there eventually, one step at a time.

Grooming by Charlotte Niketic at House of Orange.
Words by Akhnaton Selbonne-Willie.

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