Video: Sim for “The 4th Floor”

26 October 2012

Sim Jennings (AMCK) is a little bit famous in the world of Boys by Girls as he has already featured in two of our published issues, "Closer" and "The 4th Floor". As part of his shoot for the latter, Cecilie Harris captured him in moving image.

"I wanted all the moving images created for "The 4th Floor" to have an element of continously flowing. Like a dream sequence flowing like a classical piece of music, or a slow dream-like dance, these videos represents my interpretation of the beauty I see in the boys." -Cecilie

Watch the video below and let yourself be affected by this pieceful visual and Sim's beautiful performance. Styled Lindsey Cash, Sim wears designs by Orri Henrisson, Topman and Max Holiday by Damaris. Grooming by Stephen Hamilton.

"The 4th Floor" issue is available to buy from here, and you can also check out a preview of his chapter 9 editorial here.

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