Video: Sam Alexander For Issue 7

21 November 2014

The first chapter of Sam.

A tinkle of a bicycle bell. A boy as tall as the trees. A fear of growing old.

The mystery of being young, the intangible feeling of something fleeting past before you. Almost like a merciless train flashing from carriage to carriage within a few juvenile blinks. The lost boy can be found blinking slowly; savouring each second, climbing each tree, plucking every eerie character that comes along from his imagination and capturing it, sealing it and confining it to paper. His illustrations are fragments that appear long enough inside his mind to be picked up and bound to their paper cell, so that you too can see what he can.

As a teaser into photographer Cecilie Harris' and stylist Rachel Davis' 14-page editorial story with Established boy, Sam Alexander, we share this film snippet from their day in Devon. The strings of his guitar reverberate, the wheels of a bicycle still spinning, even when it is put to one side as he pursues the next thing.

For Sam it is not simply to strum a guitar, but it is to understand why. The sound of the strum, the feel of the guitar strings. We can't disassemble Sam entirely to understand him, but the questions Cecilie Harris asks in her interview included in the feature, will shed some light on it all. Sam's Lost Boy Obsessions bear heart onto paper in Issue 7, inviting us into his very own intangible creative sphere.

Issue 7 is available to purchase in stockists now, as well as online. See all the info you need here.

Image by CECILIE HARRIS. Styling by Rachel Davis.

Words by Liz Ord .

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