Utilizing Location: Artist Studio

14 December 2012

For many of our editorials we like to shoot on location and our enchanting editorial with the lovely Adam Berg was no exception. “Red Riding Hood Interupted” was our second shoot in Katya Gridnev's artist studio, our first one being Cecilie Harris’ beautiful editorial ‘The Michael Effect’ featuring Michael Morgan and Michael Knowles. This time we wanted to focus more on the environment created in the studio and used the room in the majority of the images for the shoot. Featuring beautiful photographs by Ieva Blaževičiūtė, we present you with a behind the scenes glimpse at the editorial world of Boys by Girls.

One of our favourite things about shooting on location is the massive amount of room for different angles and styling options. By using the surroundings to their full potential, you can make one location seem like many and create an atmosphere unattainable in a studio. The studio was good to shoot in as a working artist’s place of production and inspiration it provided our Boys by Girls photographer Cecilie Harris with endless ideas for props, lighting and shooting angles.

The idea is to take a location you have available to work with, and utilize that to it's fullest, using your creative side to play with it and make it work for what you are shooting.

Cecilie talks through the story behind the shoot with Adam whilst on location. Doing the story brief when in the environment makes it easy to direct how the location is being used, positioning, as well as mood and poses.

An interesting element in the shoot was that we were photographing menswear against a both artistic but also very feminine setting. All of the paintings featured as backdrops in the photographs were those of delicate ballet dancers, quite a contrast to our wonderful Adam dressed in red and white.

On this particular shoot Cecilie used only the natural light streaming through the massive window, aided by a reflector to enhance the naturally occurring shadows, working in the same way as we would were we shooting outside. The use of sunlight as the only light source also helped enhance the story idea of the shoot, managing to create haunting shadows on Adam when needed.

Another trick when working in really confined spaces, is to shoot from different levels. Working from the floor, from normal standing position, and using a chair to shoot from a higher level, added different perspectives to the story, and presented the location in a variety of ways.

We love how the paintings, art materials, canvases and brushes are used as features in the shoot. Tables, chairs, easels and the floor were all used during the during, whatever could enhance the images was included. There was also a rather wonderful skeleton but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to use him while shooting with Adam… maybe next time Barry.

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