Understanding Jack

7 April 2016
“Because he had no place he could stay in without getting tired of it and because there was nowhere to go but everywhere, keep rolling under the stars…” Jack Kerouac, on the road.
The yearning of navigation. Drives of desire. Sweet tastes of adventure. Desires that carefully escaped his dreams. He wanted to go anywhere but here. A stomach aching fire running wildly inside. Passages to be explored of the furthest corners. Stretches of strange visions and the ropes still to climb of now invisible connections. Connections left to be discovered, unearthed and lived. Nostalgia in reverse. Troubles fading. For you can only truly obtain defeat in adventures you have not lived. What is left is the expeditions of the unknown.
Caoimhe Hahn unveils the hidden stories of Jack Loftus (Premier Model Management) for our latest portrait series. Shooting in black and white with an unstyled approach, Caoimhe creates an escapism of raw spontaneity. Laid bare dressed in a simple white vest, the uniform for boys of venture, the focus is placed on the Jack's framing of the hands and expressive moments of deep emotion. Eyes transfixed into the lens. Eyes that tell stories that we are all trying to work out. We are reading. Nodding. Understanding.
The wanderlust of innate desires.

Words by Rosie Williams.

Jack Loftus1
Jack Loftus2
Jack Loftus3
Jack Loftus4
Jack Loftus5
Jack Loftus6
Jack Loftus7
Jack Loftus81
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