Timothy Kelleher for APCY

3 December 2012

Once in a bluemoon someone as stunning as Timothy Kelleher at D1 Models comes along. Shooting models as beautiful as him puts a photographer under that extra bit of pressure, as you don't want to ruin their amazing beauty and you want also the world to see just how extraordinary they are.

For our latest issue 'A Place Called Youth', in true Boys by Girls style, Cecilie Harris was invited to Timothy's home to capture his editorial. Her images are as timelessly beautiful as Timothy is. Below are a few examples, but make sure to get yourself a copy of the issue to see the full story.

During the shoot Timothy talked to us about his love for sports and we spent a decent amount of time in his kitchen, spoiled by his mother's lunch prepared for us (and there shall be no mention of a certain plastic melting insident during Timothy's fabulous cooking efforts). We also discovered he is good with numbers and has a cheeky side behind his innocence. The perfect blend.

Styled by Nikhil Sharma in upcoming designer brands, and a touch of vintage, Timothy's timeless look was perfectly brought out. Grooming by Elizabeth Rita.

We have so much love for Timothy that he is featured on the back cover of the issue, so make sure to get yourself a copy! Stockists details can be found in this feature.

Above: Pullover TOPMAN, shorts vintage.
Below: Shirt ORSCHEL-READ.

And last but not least, Timothy beautiful back-cover. One of our favorite images from this issue, with it's timeless beauty.

Above: Timothy wears shirt by ORSCHEL-READ, pullover by AMERICAN APPAREL.

Timothy Kelleher_NS5
Timothy Kelleher_NS7
Timothy Kelleher_NS8
Timothy Kelleher_NS9
Timothy Kelleher_NS6
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