The Boys Of LCM: Part 3

15 January 2013

Oh look! It’s the final part of our London Collections: Men adventure… sad times. But still lots of amazing boys for you to meet… we’re not allowed to have favourites, but we can say that you’re in for a few treats today! All of the guys were super friendly and happy to let us interview them, and always happily surprised to be asked to do Boys by Girls poses.

The boys we have for you today include Fionn and Chris Poulter (Nevs Models), Pieter Paul (Premier Models), Jasper Harvey (Elite Models London), Conrad Leadley and Phil Smith (Next Model Management), Yuri (MandP), Soo Hyuk (Bananas), Yemi (Strike Model Management), Timothy Lance Carne (D1 Models), and Ringo Lukas (Tomorrow Is Another Day)

Once again we would like to thanks all of the boys that stopped to chat to us over the collections! You made it a very memorable experience for us and we look forward to seeing you all again soon (hopefully with some more good stories for us!). If you missed part 1 of our adventure you can find it here, while part 2 can be found here.

The beautiful Fionn Creber at Nevs Models has quickly become a favourite with the Boys by Girls team since we met him over the London Collections: Men. We have already nicknamed him 'Peter Pan'.

That’s an interesting name.
Yeah, my mum is Irish so that’s where that comes from.

That’s cool, and how long have you been modelling for?
About two months, this is my first season and my first work pretty much.

How are you enjoying London Collections: Men?
It’s really, really a lot of fun. I mean just to be a part of it, and then getting to try on all the clothes. It is such an adrenaline rush when you walk out there. It’s brilliant.

Which shows have you done?
I’ve done Craig Green and JW Anderson.

You were in J.W. Anderson?! We were sitting second row did not see you!
It’s because we all looked the same; it was the hair. I was just in E. Tautz, and I’m off to Xander Zhou later today.

What have they been dressing you in?
For Craig Green I was painted black, and I had a mask on as well.

Oh wow, how did you get the paint off?
With a lot of work… and time. Well put it this way, I was still taking out black paint from my ears… today! And I got up at half five this morning.

Well that’s impressive work, well done. All right, can we have three random facts about you?
I do karate.

That’s cool – we haven’t had a Karate Kid yet.
I want to be an actor, and I do a little bit of singing and stuff.

Are you going to go to acting school?
Maybe, I’m in my first year of sixth-form so I don’t really know, but yeah I’m taking it for A-level.

That’s cool, as a model, you meet a lot of people who can potentially help you in that direction.
Yeah I hope so!

Thank you, that was great!

We had a cheeky chat with Pieter Paul from Premier just before he went on to walk in the YMC AW13 show.

So you’re waiting backstage at the moment, what’s the vibe like back there?
Backstage? Yeah it’s all right, it’s relaxing.

Are you looking forward to walking for YMC?
Yeah it’s going to be nice.

Have you done many shows before?
I just did Hackett yesterday, and I walked some shows in Paris and Milan.

That’s cool. Give us three random facts about yourself?
Well, I’m studying accounting. I’m living in Rotterdam, and I have two sisters.

Awesome, thank you!

You may recognise 21 year-old Jasper Harvey at Elite Models London from our Boys by Girls 'Love Affair' on Tumblr. If not get to know him below.

Hey Jasper! Have you done any shows for the Collections?
I haven’t done one yet, I’m about to do the Katie Eary show today.

Ah yes, Cecilie will be backstage for that!
Really, oh I’ll have to go say hello to her. Cool, I’m really excited for it.

Is that your first show?
I did the Fashion East presentation as well. I’ve been all over the place this week.

How was that?
Yeah that was really fun. I had to stand in like a space man outfit, for like two and a half hours.

Oh you were in that one!
I wasn’t in the bubble thank god, it looked like it would have been slightly claustrophobic in there.

I know Tom Watts from Elite was also in that presentation.
Yeah I was standing next to him, he’s really cool. Yeah it was really good fun, we had Jed Texas with us as well. He’s pretty hilarious, it was funny.

Yeah we need to find him, so... you know… any hints?
I don’t have a clue where he is about, sorry!

You said you’re really new to modeling – how’s everything going?
It’s good. It’s just balancing my whole life a bit at the moment. It is so much more exciting than anything else I’m doing.

What are you studying?
English language. It’s third year now as well.

Oh my goodness – so dissertation time!
Yeah dissertation is after this month. I’m quite looking forward to it, cause I get to pick something I like. Where as this term I’m doing philosophy of language, and that’s just a bit too much haha.

Can we have three random facts about you?
Random facts? Three? I’ve got a hole in my chest, like it goes inwards a bit.

That is random!
Yeah it’s pretty random. I bleached my hair for a fancy dress party. I went as Sick Boy from Trainspotting and then I got scouted, first night out in London.

So clearly bleached hair is meant for you!
And then one more interesting fact, I don’t know, I can’t think of any. I can put my little finger back so that it touches the back of my hand. It’s pretty weird.

Oh let’s see? Oh okay no that’s really creepy!
So yeah I can do that as well.

That was great!

We had to interview Conrad Leadley, at Next Model Management super fast before he rushed in to walk for Shaun Samson, so we just had enough time to get some random facts from him. We too are also sure that life 'out there' exists!

Can we get three random facts about you?
Hmm (makes thinking noises) I like ta’ooos

You like toes?!
I like tattoos, not toes! Haha! That would be a bit weird now wouldn’t it!

That would be weird, that’s why I was like “you like toes?!” Do you have any tattoos?
I have lots. Aliens are definitely real. And my favorite dinner is fish and chips.

We had a great time chatting to Chris Poulter from Nevs Models, and think its an amazing skill to be able to do 'hundreds' of kick-ups and still be terrible at football. We applaud you!

How long have you been a model?
3 months now.

That’s quite a short time, how’s that going for you?
Yeah it’s going well, it’s my first show so I enjoyed it.

First like, you hadn’t done any walking before?
Yesterday was my first walk.

How was that?
It was brilliant. Great buzz.

Are you addicted now?
Yeah, I enjoyed it!

Everyone kind of says that when they walk out they’re like, “I have to do it again, like right now!”
Yeah, definitely it is an adrenaline rush.

What were you wearing for Shaun Samsom?
I was wearing, a big knitted cardigan, which was left open, and some short tartan shorts with big leather boots, and a flat cap! The collection was quite cool, really sort of a bit different. A bit edgy, so it’d be interesting to see what people think about it.

What other stuff have you done as you’re quite new, have you done some editorials?
Not too many really, I’ve done a few. But yesterday I was doing some Savile Row presentation.

Were there lots of different groups of guys wearing suits? We went to see that.
Yeah that was the one. I was in the dinner jackets.

What was that like? We loved how there was a story in each different room.
Yeah it was quite good fun – meeting new models. And it was quite relaxed, we were allowed to chat and whatever. It was really cool. It’s nice, you got to relax. I think the shows are a little bit more fun, cause of the excitement. Yeah it’s quite a relaxing job.

Three random facts please!
Three random facts? Okay, I like extreme sports so I race motocross.

Amazing! What other extreme sports do you do?
I’m a bit big in skiing, I used to do ski racing.

That’s cool. I can do the snow plough.
Oh can you! The pizza? The pizza and the chips!

Yeah exactly! Really slowly down the mountain.
Right ok haha, safety, safety first of course! But you enjoy it?

Yeah I do. Now that’s only one fact, we need two more please!
Two more, I don’t know. Random facts about me?

Yeah maybe secret talents?
I am very good at kick ups. But I’m terrible at actually playing football.

What’s your record? Or do you not count?
Until I get bored yeah. I’m going to say hundreds haha.

And one final one?
One final one is that my ears are actually at slightly different heights but you would never know until I wore glasses.

Ah can you try on Ieva’s glasses?
No! no! Haha!

That was great, thanks Chris!

Another super sweet boy that we met was Yuri from MandP Model.

Hey Yuri, so you’re about to walk for YMC, have you done any other shows?
No this is my first show here. It’s actually my first time in London.

What are you thinking of London at the moment?
It’s exciting, you know?

Yeah! Do you have any other shows planned?
I’m probably going to Milan for the shows.

Cool, can you give us three random facts about yourself?
Okay, I’m a drummer! I used to play in a Jazz band, but now I’m a model. I can’t really play and be a model, because I need to travel a lot.

Do you travel a lot at the moment?
Yeah I do, I’ve been travelling around Asia for a half a year. So I haven’t been home for half a year.

Well that’s really cool, amazing, thank you!

Lee Soo Hyuk from Bananas in Paris came all the way to London especially for the J.W. Anderson AW13 show!

What did you think of the J.W. Anderson show you just walked in?
It was good thanks.

Did you like the collection?
Yeah I did. I was wearing two pieces – one was a black one, it looked almost like a skirt, and the other one was a knitted piece.

Have you been to London before?
I have been to London, three times. London is special I think. The people all have their own London style. Yeah, I think London is good.

Tell me some random facts about yourself.
I’m an actor in Korea so I love movies. My favorite colour is black.

Ieva: Favorite movie director? Kim Ki Duk?
No, its David Fincher haha.


Note to self: Buy Yemi at Strike Model Management warm cake and ice cream.

You’ve just done the YMC show, what was that like?
It was really crazy, we were rushing around but the show went according to plan. But it was proper crazy, the adrenaline rush as well. It was really fun, I want to do it again actually. I feel like it’s the first take of a movie, and now we can do it all again.

What do you think about the introduction of a men’s week?
It’s been good; I think that as the season go on it should get better, that’s how everything works, practice makes perfect basically. So yeah as the years go on the shows can only get better and better!

Can we have some quick facts about you.
Facts woah! Ok… I like cake and ice cream, especially warm cake and ice cream.

Warm cake and ice cream is the best, like when it’s gooey?
Yeah, yeah! And strawberry trifle, I’m addicted to them, I think that if a girl buys me that I’ll actually marry her on the spot, haha!

Bit of a foodie? I’ll have to remember that!

We managed to grab a quick interview with newbie Timothy Lance Carne at D1 Models. Apparently it was his first time in Europe!

How was the J.W. Anderson show you just walked in?
It was really cool. I like that he didn’t just do your everyday looks – he really went all out, and then he also had some basic looks that were really good, just the shapes and stuff.

Yeah they were very slick and clean.
Some of it was very slick, and some of it was very outlandish. I think he caught people’s eyes’ in both ways sort of. I liked the runway too, its easy.

What were you wearing?
I was wearing the white, like I don’t know what you would call it – maybe a full long dress.

Was it one of the ones that had spilts at the bottom?
Yeah it was spilt, and I had white shorts, short shorts. The more normal thing I wore was just some plaid pants, grey wing tip slip-ons and the circle sweater.

Have you done other shows during the London Collections?
Lou Dalton, Richard Nicoll and Alexander McQueen yesterday.

How was Alexander McQueen?
Yeah it was a really good show – I closed the show and I had to wear a mask – it was crazy.

Well done you for closing the show!
It’s my first time in London too, first time in Europe in general. I only just started modelling.

Oh what do are you thinking of it?
It’s cool; I’ve met a lot of really cool people. It’s nice to be in London because I can talk to people and I don’t sound like an idiot.

Yeah, there’s not a language barrier.
Yeah there’s no “where… is… this…?” (miming)

Okay, and final question; three really quick random facts about you?
I have six brothers and four sisters, I was born in Wahiawa, Hawaii and I’m from Nebraska.

Wow big family! Awesome, thank you!

We caught 20 year-old (21 in a month!) Phil Smith at Next Model Management after he walked in the E. Tautz AW13 show.

Hi Phil! You said you haven’t been modeling for that long?
No, in total these were probably my first three days. I’ve only had one shoot. It’s still all brand new to me.

And you just walked in the E. Tautz show? How was that?
Yeah I did. Well I did one on Monday so I got used to it, got the whole vibe. It was then just kind of the same again, still a little bit nervous before but once you go on it’s all right.

What kind of things did they make you wear
I had on a long trench coat that was buttoned up and a nice kind of felt shirt and tie. I thought I was going to have a hat, but I didn’t. Hands in pocket. Leather shoes I think they were too.

Oh awesome. What did you think of the collection?
It was nice, very decent. I suppose very London.

Where are you from originally?

Where are you at uni?
Leeds, I’m studying economics at Leeds. I’ve got one more show this afternoon Xander Zhou, and then that’s it.

That’s cool, it’s a nice few days.
Yeah it is fun, like I said I’m still getting used to getting around London and stuff like that and obviously making it to the shows on time.

Have you been to London before?
Not really like, I’ve been a couple of times over the summer, that was only cause I had a girlfriend that lived quite close, but a part from that not much. Maybe once when I was like 5 haha

And what do you think about the city?
I love it! West London is nice, where I was out the other day.

Can I have some random facts about you?
That’s the hardest question yet. I once helped Mario Balotelli while he was drunk into his car – the Manchester City player. That was by sheer chance. And I’m going to New York for my 21st in a month.

What’s your favourite thing in the world?
I spose my girlfriend would kill me if I don’t say her so I’ll say her.

Oh that’s quite nice haha! Thank you!

We met Ringo Lukas from Tomorrow Is Another Day at the very end of the last day of the London Collections: Men, just before he was heading in to see the Xander Zhou show. We loved both of his favourite things!

Hey Ringo, That’s an amazing name! You’re from Germany, is this your first time in London?
Not my first time in London, but my first season with the Londong Collections: Men.

How are you liking it?
Up until now it’s been great! I’ve been to Paris before. It all seems a bit more human… yeah let’s say human, in London haha!

I like that description. Who have you walked for?
I had a presentation today for Jaewan Park a small one, but it was nice. Cool dresses, really cool dresses, and that’s it, until now.

Can we have some random facts about you?
Okay, I never thought I’d become a model, I thought I would become a musician in some form. But that’s just random, another random fact is that the hostel we were staying in is not the best. Haha! It’s in Camden, but it’s a crap hostel. So it’s not the highlife, as I would have imagined it a few years ago.

You thought you’d be 5-star hotels?
It would be nice yeah! Right now I’m just carrying all my stuff with me to go to Paris, and then to Germany, and then to Paris and then to Germany without changing it ‘cause I don’t have time haha

And what is your favorite thing ever in the world?
My favourite thing? My favourite thing, oh that’s a tough question. There are two favourite things; the first is my shit guitar that doesn’t work at all but its nice and I love it, and my second favourite thing is hamburgers at a place called “Big Seventy” in Leipzig. Snap! Haha

Oh that was great!
It was spontaneous!

Photography by Ieva Blaževičiūtė.
Words and interviews by Hannah Fickling.

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