The Boys Of LCM: Part 1

13 January 2013

For this January’s London Collections: Men Boys by Girls hit the streets of Covent Garden and Holborn, in search of some of our favourites male models and a selection of new faces too. We made our plan, wrote down our strategy and went for it… and were surprised by the results.

So here we present to you The Boys of the London Collections: 34 faces, old and new, each with their own Boys by Girls portraits (no street style here) and an interview so you can get to know each and every one of them. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

In Part 1 of our feature, you’ll find some of our very own wonderful Boys by Girls boys including Harry Uzoka (Premier Models), Misha Patel, Matthew Bell, Conor Doherty (all Elite Models London) and of course, the star of the back cover of ‘A Place Called Youth’ Timothy Kelleher (D1 Models).

Other lovely boys we managed to catch up with were Erik Andersson (FM Models), Chris Arundel (Storm Model Management), Konan Hanbury (Models 1) and the boys that we end up seeing everywhere: Anders Hayward and Freddie Stoker (Elite Models London).

Thank you to all the boys that stopped to talk to us, before and after the shows (even on a cheeky cigarette break), you were all wonderful!

We met the wonderful Erik Andersson at FM Models after the Christopher Shannon AW13 show.

Hey Erik! So you just walked for Christopher Shannon, how was that?
Yeah it was a nice show. I liked the clothes.

Cool, have you done any other shows at the London Collections?
Only last year, Christopher Shannon was my first one of the season. Last year I did Topman Design, and I’m doing Shaun Samson tomorrow as well.

Are you going to head out to Milan or Paris?
I’m heading back to Paris tomorrow, but not Milan.

Where are you from?
From Sweden.

From Sweden! We like Swedish boys at Boys by Girls haha. Can you give us three random facts about yourself?
I’m a musician.

Oh cool, what do you play?
The drums and guitar.

Are you in a band?
I wouldn’t call it a band, more like a project, cause I don’t have time for music as much with my modelling.

What is it called?
It’s called Agent in English, but we spell it differently. It’s the Swedish name for Agent.

Good name! But that’s one, we need two more random facts.
I have a girlfriend.

Is that her?

(We wave at his lovely girlfriend..."hi girlfriend") And one more?
I like coffee and cigarettes.

Thanks Erik!

Anders Hayward at Elite Models London was everywhere during the London Collections: Men. Luckily we managed to catch him between shows!

Hey Anders, how was the show?
It was good, pretty hectic, quick changes. It always is.

I love working back stage at shows. I’m literally a ninja backstage.

Have you had any other shows?
Today I had YMC. I’m doing James Long later tonight. Then yesterday I did Mr Start, Richard Nicoll and Topman.

Wow you’ve been busy! How long have you been modeling for?
Since February 2012 so almost a year.

Do you have any secret talents?
I’m a dancer, but I’m not going to dance.

Ah you can’t say you’re dancer and they say you won’t dance!
I can’t dance…. I’m injured. I can’t walk haha

Sure… haha Okay give us some random facts about yourself apart from that you’re a dancer who can’t walk.
Okay, I have one kidney. I’m half Swedish and I was on Britain’s Got Talent!

You were?! Were you dancing? Did you just audition or were you on the TV?
I was dancing yeah. No I was on the TV.

I don’t remember that!
I’m glad you don’t remember that, because you’ll never find it.

Oh I will, I’m going to Google that. (Haven’t found it yet)

Look who we found! It's only Timothy Kelleher at D1 Models, one of the amazing boys featured in 'A Place Called Youth' (which you can buy from here)!

Hey Timothy! How are you?
I’m good, thank you, how are you?

Good thanks, how was the show?
It was good, just did Xander Zhou.

What was that like?
It was fun. I did it last season as well.

Cool and what were you wearing?
Blue felt-like trousers and a white, fury coat.

What else have you been up to this week?
At university I’ve handed in two pieces of coursework, and then I did Agi and Sam on Monday, with the dogs and everything.

Oh did you get to have a dog?
No I was unlucky.

Awww too bad! Are you going to Milan or Paris as well?
Yeah Paris, don’t think Milan though. I’ve got exams next week, then this little gap that allows for Paris.

Oh good luck with them! And how does it feel to be on the back cover of our wonderful magazine?
It’s amazing. I gave it to my mum for Christmas actually! She really liked it, she’s quite proud.

Did you know that it sold out at Selfridges?
Wow, nice one!

Any final words Timothy?
I love Boys by Girls.

(We love him even more for saying that).

As he never fails to look amazing, we were very happy that we bumped into Conor Doherty at Elite. He had a jam-packed schedule at the London Collections, so make sure to keep an eye out for him in our features from the week!

Hey Conor, I know Cecilie saw you yesterday.
I saw her again today, she’s around, taking photos.

Yeah, she got a really great picture of you. It’s really beautiful.
Of me?! Oh thank you! Safe. Where is that going up? Boys by Girls?

Yeah it's on the website in our Topman feature. What have you been up to since yesterday?
Well, I just did the Christopher Shannon show. I was at a JW Anderson fitting this morning; I’ve got to go back there again for another fitting later. Then I’ve got the James Long show tonight, then a Shaun Samson fitting.

Super busy. Are you excited?
Yeah, yeah!

So I’m really intrigued, what has life been like for you since you won the Elite Model Look?
Not really different in any way. I mean with work and shit of course it’s really different. Girls and stuff, they’re all like “Oooh you’re a model” (puts on insanely girly voice).

Haha, That’s cool!
That’s what it’s like 24/7 haha!

Have you got a fan base already and have one of those “FuckYeahConerDoherty” blogs? You know you’ve made it when you’ve got one of them.
Ah no, I don’t. Perhaps soon one will come, you'll have to let me know if you see one. My mate’s got one, “FuckYeahBenAllen”

We shall check it out.

"We got Matthew Bell!" Ever the charmer, we were super excited to see Mr Bell (or The Bell as Cecilie has just nicknamed him) from Elite Models London.

Hey Matthew Bell!

How are you today?
I’m good, how are you?

I’m good, I'm good.

What have you been up to in this fashion week so far?
I’ve done Hackett and Lee Roach yesterday so it was nice, and then prior to that I was in Paris casting.

Was that good?
Yeah it was a nice start to the year. I booked Kenzo, but that’s in Florence, so I’ve got to go there tomorrow.

In Florence, that’s random, it’s not one of the major cities.
Yeah, I don’t know how it happened, but there’s one show there every year.

We heard you got Alexander McQueen?
Yeah I did, I’m happy with that; well I’m very happy with that.

That’s great, and three random facts about Matthew Bell?
I always get these, so they’re not very random anymore!

All right, let’s ask a different question. What’s a good question?
(Ieva) Three best cities you’ve been to?
Tokyo by far, then if you want to go somewhere cool, then Paris of course, that’s nice. I’m going to go for a bad city, don’t go to Milan ever, ever, I’m not going this season.

I heard you stay inside all the time.
Apparently it’s meant to be the city of commerce and its quite nice, but it’s just so industrial. If you’re going to go there, literally go for three hours.

So just enough time to absorb all the culture? (Kidding)
Hahaha yeah.

Awesome, thanks Matthew!

We made sure to catch up with the super cool Harry Uzoka at Premier Models.

Hey Harry!

Nice thumbs up! So you’re doing Christopher Shannon?
Christopher Shannon, yeah.

Is that going to be the first show you’ve done during London Collections: Men this time season?
I’ve done a presentation yesterday, À la disposition. After this I’ve got Oliver Spencer.

I’m seriously loving this sweatshirt you’re wearing, so who is that by?
It’s Givenchy.

Of course. So what have you been up to recently?
Literally this is taking up my life. Casting, casting, casting. I’m going to Milan on the 14th to do a show there.

Did you go to any of the castings in Paris?
No I didn’t go to any castings in Paris, I didn’t go to castings in Milan either. I booked it directly.

Anything else exciting going on?
Yeh, I need to shout out to my movement Justanorm, follow us on Twitter!

We actually already have, but encourage others to do so also, thanks Harry!

We met the beautiful Chris Arundel from Storm Model Management outside The Old Sorting Office in Holborn.

So you’re just off to get ready for Matthew Miller, have you done any other shows this week?
Yeah I did YMC yesterday.

That’s cool, how did you enjoy that?
It was really cool actually, I was happy with both outfits.

What kind of stuff were you wearing?
I was wearing a long black coat with a red jumper and some red high top trainers. The other look was a black bomber jacket, and trousers tucked into socks.

That sounds pretty cool, I love that label.
Yeah and it’s all wearable clothes. Sometimes you wear stuff on the runway, but you could actually wear it on the street too. YMC was cool; it’s regular kind of stuff.

Yeah and how long have you been modeling?
3 years.

So you’ve done quite a lot of stuff.
I’ve had a long run yeah.

What’s your favorite thing that you’ve done?
Probably working for Yohji Yamamoto, because I’ve done the show pretty much every season since I’ve started, and it’s been cool working with them.

Can I have three random facts about you?
I’m half Irish, one-eighth Russian and one-eighth Chinese. Which everyone says is a weird mix.

It’s an odd mix, but it’s a good mix.
I’m from Essex, which surprises a few people.

I kind of got from your accent little bit.
Some people have guessed I was Australian from my accent. Intercontinental. Last thing, I don’t know…

Haha ok, what’s your favourite thing ever?

Are you artistic?
Yeah, I’m an illustrator.

Oh wow! Do you have any last words?
Protect your neck.

Catch up time with Misha Patel at Elite Models London after the JW Anderson AW13 show! Misha is already featured in our fourth issue "A Place Called Youth", so make sure you check back in for a preview from the editorial.

Hi Misha, how are you?
Very good thanks.

Good, how was the JW Anderson show?
Great, there were some nice clothes in it.

What were you wearing?
I had a white jumper on with a big blue dot in the middle.

The invite had that design on it.

Was it the signature piece?

I think the whole block colour was quite a signature thing. What did you think about the collection?
Interesting yeah, lots of stuff which women can wear. Like the knee-high boots.

Have you done any other shows over the London Collections?
Yeah I’ve done Lee Roach and Meadham Kirchhoff.

So what’s next, are you going to go to Milan?
No I’m going back to Bristol to go back to uni. I’m not going to Paris or Milan, too much Uni work at the moment..

Tell us what’s new with you then.
I’ve got a girlfriend now.

Oh you’ve got a girlfriend now, no long single? Dammit haha. What’s that like?
It’s great haha.

Amazing. What are you studying?
English Literature.

Oh I did that for A-level.
What did you get?

I got an A.
So did I.

I scrapped it by two marks.

Snap! Thanks Misha.

After chatting with Konan Hanbury from Models 1, we've decided that he should have his own show, and it should be called 'Cooking with Konan'.

So you’re about to walk for Matthew Miller, but what else have you been up to the past few days?
This is my first show this season, and I also have option for Milan.

How long have you been modeling for?
About a year now.

So how did you like the last fashion collections since it was the first Men’s Week in London?
I did Topman and Lou Dalton for that. It was quite cool, it was good.

What’s your favourite thing about modeling?
I guess when they dress me up in really like rock and roll clothes cause I feel like, you know, that’s what I wear anyways. But yeah I’m not often put in cool clothes, but oh well haha!

Can I have some random facts about you?
I was born in Japan.

Right that’s cool!
I’m half Brazilian.

And finally what’s your most favourite thing in the world ever?
Cooking whilst listening to Led Zepplin.

That’s a good one, I haven’t heard that one before!

We found ourselves continually bumping into Freddie Stoker (Elite Models). FYI he's pretty awesome.

Hey Freddie! So you just did YMC, what did you think about that?
It was good. Pretty hectic.

What did you think about the clothes?
I loved the clothes. They were really nice to be honest; they were interesting. It was good, it was good, and the change over between the two looks was hectic though.

That’s the best bit, the rush.
The rush? The rush walking out is nice yeah.

Have you done many shows before?
Yeah I have done two London Fashion weeks before. Going to Milan tomorrow for the first time so I’m quite excited about that.

Nice, and did you do anything yesterday?
Yeah I did Richard Nicoll here and I did a John Smedley presentation. It was all right.

Oh that’s cool, and can we have three random facts about you?
Three random facts… about me? Fucking hell.

They can be anything; it could be... I fell off a bridge when I was three, haha, they can be anything.
All right. I fell off a bridge when I was three, no I’m joking. I don’t know. I support Man United.

Any secret talents?
Secret talents? It’s too rude to say on camera.

Oh well okay. In that case…
Yeah sorry about that haha.

Photography by Ieva Blaževičiūtė.
Words and interviews by Hannah Fickling.

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