The Boys Of LCM: AW15

13 January 2015

If you were not aware of the London loop and if you were not to know that hundreds of amazing boys walk the runways of central London each season, then you would suddenly think that the streets of London had become overpopulated with the tall, quirky ranks of boys that don’t always travel in packs. They tumble out of shows and onto the streets, in pairs and groups; leaning, sitting, exhaling their smoke and exchanging words, languages and accents in the most varied of ways. Boys all styled to look like one, although speaking in hundreds of variations. Scruffy trainers, designer clothes, roll up cigarettes dangling from lips as they share thoughts; are you afraid of the runway? Does it make you feel like a star or does it just result in terrible blisters?

In the hectic nature of creating beautiful steps in beautiful clothes, we move between the glamour and catch the boys in the moments that they fall into each others company, and as street stylists gather, they seem so oblivious and almost completely surprised when we ask to simply talk to them and hear their charming stories. And as they come out the back door and step back into London life, into the reality, they now represent nothing but themselves in that passing moment. Back to their lives, the music they play, the art they make, the cups of tea they drink.

See the beautiful, the angular and the particularly engaging personalities of our favourite boys that showed up in and inbetween AW15 below.

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Robbie Mckinnon at SUPA Model Management with guest appearance from Jackson Hale

Hi Robbie!

Are you waiting to go into a show?
I’ve just come out from Kit Neale and I’m about to go into Alex Mullins.

Do you know if you’re doing any other shows this season?
Your guess is as good as mine. Most of the time I find out the night before.

What’s the worst and best thing about shows?
I’ve got to be careful here. The best thing is the adrenaline. I think the casting can sometimes hard if you have to go from east to west and back and forth.

Jackson joins the interview

Have you just done a show?
Jackson: Yes. I'm Jackson and I’m from the same agency.
Robbie: This is my brother from another mother.

What else do you guys do, other than modelling of course?
Jackson: I do my art stuff. I make a lot of collages and take a lot of pictures.

Are you at uni?
: No I’m just in college.

What about you Robbie?
Robbie: I don’t do anything really. You can ask Cecilie. I sit at home and just eat chicken.

(He also has a special smoking spot in his back garden, where he ponders about new interesting words and living on the moon. See more in our latest issue 7, where we feature a beautiful 8-page spread full of gorgeous Robbie images and a particularly spleen interview).

What do you like?
Jackson: Tea, you do like tea. You drink a lot of tea.
Robbie: He has to make me a cup of tea every morning and every night.
Jackson: Price you pay for friendship hey.

You said you like collaging Jackson, what do you collage with?
Just by hand with found images. Just random. Whatever I see. I have a Tumblr! You know, classic.

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Simon Fitskie at Elite Model Managment

What’s your name and what agency are you from?
I’m Simon and I’m from Elite.

What show have you just come out of?
James Long.

Are you in a rush?
Not really. I’m just taking everything easy.

Whereabouts are you from?
The Netherlands, but I’ve lived in London for 8 months now.

Do you do anything else in your spare time?
Yeah, I do photography. I can do Girls by Boys for you!

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Elliot Vulliod at SUPA Model Management

Hello Elliot, our issue 7 cover boy!

What’s your favourite place you’ve been to?
I quite like London. I like it better than Leon, where I'm from. There’s nothing to do in Leon. haha

What kind of fashion do you like?
It’s always different. For suits I like Tom Ford. For streetwear I think there’s some pieces in every brand. I don’t have a particular brand I like. I like dressing comfortably.

Do you prefer fashion shoots or catwalk?
Definitely catwalk, because all the guys are together. With photoshoots it might just be you on the day, so you miss out on that social aspect that you get at London Collections: Men.

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Sam Alexander at Established Models

This is your interview Sam (another one of our issue 7 editorial boys and story teller extraordinaire). My girls waited one and a half hours for you, so I've stepped in to cover your interview. What do you have to say for yourself?

Thanks Cecilie. And sorry Molly, sorry Liz!

You just walked the Craig Green show.
Yes! This season I haven’t really given a fuck, cause I have been busy with my creative work. Well, I do care a little bit, but I am not into big egos, judging people purely because of their looks and for people to judge me just on the look of my face. Sorry, I’m grumpy because I’m tired. haha But the Craig Green show was really good. I like walking for Craig Green, because I like his design and his aesthetic. He’s one of the designers that actually gets really hands on and checks everything before it goes out. So it’s really comforting to walk for Craig Green. The show was great!

Oh look someone’s umbrella has fallen in the middle of the road. Pick it up, otherwise a bus is gonna run over it. Dun dun dun dun, the umbrellas about to get run over.

You’re going off topic. You know someone has to type this interview down.
They must love it. Love me interview typer, love me! No wait, I’m gonna comment before this. Interview typer can you type this: there is an umbrella on the ground. It is lime green. It is outside Piccadilly and a bus almost run over it. It’s really disappointing. It is rainy winter afternoon. Ah! Man just regained umbrella. Happy ending.

In addition to being on the catwalk this season, you also have your designs featured in a collection!
Yeah, I did some print designs for the Ada + Nik collection this season, which was really cool. Ada + Nik are like a family, they’re really lovely. It feels amazing that they are showcasing my creative talent in their collections. I don’t want to be just a model, I want to be an illustrator. And a musician. I want to create. So I have been more selective with my modelling this time, so I can also focus on showcasing what I can do creatively. Watching some of your creations being showcased on the runway was amazing.

You’re doing your serious voice in this interview haha
Thank you. haha I have a book. My friend gave it to me. It’s called ‘Persuasion’. Have you ever read it?

No, I have not. What are your three favourite things you’ve seen today?
The umbrella on the road, watching my life go in slow motion when I almost slipped during my rehearsal at Craig Green, and meeting new people. I think the shows are a nice place where you can meet some great people. You meet the worst and the best of models.

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Fionn Creber at SUPA Model Managment

Hey Fionn, we missed you! How was the Pringle show?
It was fucking great. Really good, really good show. Great clothes, jaunty music, which is always fun, and nice people.

What shows have you done so far?
I did Kit Neale on Thursday, Pringe of Scotland today and I’ve just booked the Tom Ford presentation tomorrow.

What do you do in your spare time?
I write. I’m more of a describer of things. I like to describe and that usually involves writing it down.

Do you like presentations or shows better?
I’ve never actually done a presentation until tomorrow. I don’t really go to castings for them, just because I think I’m going to get very bored. I’m a bit of a fidget. I think I’ve got very low grade ADHD, but I’m not too sure. I’m doing Tom Ford tomorrow, which is three hours.

Do you get to sit down?
I hope so! I’m hard. I’m ginger. We’ve been through struggles and our people have come out stronger.

What was is it like growing up as a ginger?
Rough! haha It’s so rough. I’ve got such a thick skin now I can take anything. I don’t know if at presentations people just hurl ginger insults at you.

Do you have any quirky facts we don’t know about?
I think my quirky facts have been recorded in great detail with Boys by Girls. I’ve been with Boys by Girls many times.

We were looking through your twitter to talk to you about stuff. Are you a big fan of Elvis Presley?
I am a fan. I’m a reasonable fan. No memorabilia. I can do the legs, but I won't do them here.

I really want you to do the crazy legs?
Ok! Hold my bag.

Fionn moves into a space, his legs flail infront of an audience of photographers and other models.

Have you ever done anything weird down the runway?
No, because I actually like my job and I’d like to keep doing it.

Have you met any cool people this year?
I meet cool people every year. No, yeah people who wear fur coats. Vintage fur coats.

What have you got planned for the rest of the day?
I’m going to meet a few friends, have a pint of Guinness or two.

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Simon K at Established Models

Hi Simon, do you want to remind us what agency you’re from?
I'm from Established Models.

What do you do in your spare time?
I finished uni last year and I’m working part time and doing modelling.

What did you study?

Does that make you really judgmental of the photos that you’re in?
Naaah, I did portraiture. It’s not really fashion. I realised it was a mistake actually. Uni and photography. The only good thing about it is you can use all the good gear in uni.

Are you doing any other shows?
Yeah. I’ve got options, so I think you’re gonna see me around.

Do you live in London?
Yeah I’ve lived here for over 3 years now.

Is there anywhere else you’d like to live if you had the choice?
Probably. Somewhere on a beach maybe. Just for a while though.

You just did a show, what was that like?
It was pretty cool man. I’ve done Topman already like three times, so I’m really relaxed. It's cool man, I really like their clothes. It’s got some humour in it. I think its pretty cool.

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Serge Rigvava and Vlad Blagorodnov at Elite Model Management

Where are you guys from?
Serge: I was born in Germany in Vienna. My mothers from the Netherlands, my father is French.

What are your names?
Serge: Serge Rigvava and I’m from Elite Models.
Vlad: Vlad and I’m from Elite.

What show did you just do?
Vlad: We both just came out of James Long.

Did you enjoy it?
Yes, it was amazing. I really felt comfortable in the clothes. The stuff from this show was stuff that I would actually wear.

What do you do apart from modelling?
I’m in a graphic design school. I’m there because they do a lot of art as well and photography. It’s based in Vienna. I’m only in London for five days.
Serge: I’m only here for three days.

What do you prefer, presentations or shows?
Vlad: Shows.

How long do you usually have to stand there for?
Vlad: Like 10 minutes and then a break like 10 times.

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Alejandro at Tomorrow Is Another Day

What’s your name and where are you from?
Alejandro and I’m from Mexico.

And what agency are you from?
Tomorrow Is Another Day.

What shows are you doing?
Rory Parnell Mooney, part of the MAN show.

Other than modelling, how else do you utilise your time?
Modelling is not really my main thing, I focus more on my artwork.

Are you studying?
I’m studying Fashion at Central Saint Martins.

Do you find it useful doing modelling alongside studying fashion?
Yeah, because you get to see nice fabrics and things you don’t usually come across.

What do you see yourself doing more of in the future?
I wanna finish my degree, my BA and I really wanna do a masters in fashion design. I want to be a student for as long as I can.

Do you specialise in menswear or womenswear?

What makes London for you?
I think everything is happening here and I never get tired of the city. You always see something new. Like walking on the streets, you’re always gonna find a pretty little street. If someone is tired of London, then someone is tired of life.

Did you grow up in Mexico?
Yeah, I moved here 3 years ago.

How different is it to living in Mexico?
I love my parents, but I’m happy to be here now.

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Kesse Donkor at Premier Model Management

If you could tell us your name and your agency.
I’m Kesse at Premier Model Management.

What shows are you walking in?
I have one show for Liam Hodges. The stuff is really cool.

Have you done this before?
No, this is my second season.

What’s it been like?
I started modelling last season, so everything was like 'aaaah oh my gosh', but now I’m just sort of used to it, so I’m having fun. Not as much of the 'ahhh'.

Are you doing any other shows?
Hopefully loads.

Do you have any other interests other than modelling?
I’m in uni. I’m doing product design. I missed a day just to come and do this. I’m going back to uni on Sunday cos I’m in Portsmouth. Most of the boys have uni and they miss it, make their money and then go back to uni!

What’s it like going down a runway?
You feel like a superstar. The camera and the lights and everything, you have fun.

Do you have a signature pose?
Most boys just act moody and turn. Sometimes you’re scared to do something stupid. I’m thinking of doing something crazy this season, at the end. Just do something fucked up.

Can we decide something? Is mooning too far?
I don’t know I’m just gonna do something!

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Declan Cullen at SUPA Model Management

Hey, Declan, what shows are you doing?
Actually, I wasn’t even meant to be doing this season in London, but I’ve been booked for Topman. I’m just doing Paris this season, but since I’m here I’m at Topman.

Do you get nervous?
A little bit. You always do, but you kind of know what to expect when you do it, but yeah it’s a big deal. It's good fun.

Have you got any other interests?
Yeah I’m a musician. I was a front man in a band Cecilie did a cover on. Coastal cities. Me and the guitarist, Sean, are good friends. We went to New York recently.

What’s is like when you walk down a runway?
Usually you can’t see anything. Shining lights and then you eventually see a camera. Then you’re like I should probably stop somewhere.

Has anything bad happened to you?
Well, the last Topman show the shoes kept falling off. Had to have about four insoles. It was the type of shoe you see. It was kind of like a flip flop. Kept flip-flopping about.

There was a show I did in June as well where I got blisters all over my feet. It’s mainly feet trouble. Really genuinely it goes alright. As long as you know how to walk (gestures at people walking) they seem to be doing alright.

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Jack Chambers and Mihai Brown at Elite Models

What’s your name and what agency are you from?
Jack: My name’s Jack Chambers and I’m from Elite Models. Mihai: My name is Mihai Brown and I’m from Elite Models too.

Are you both doing Topman?
Jack: Yep, Topman and I’m doing MAN after this.

Where are you from?

Do you like Paris or London better?
Mihai: London. I prefer Milan even more actually.
Jack: I like Paris more, it’s a more ‘walkable’ place.

What else do you guys do other than modelling?
Jack: I finished uni this year. I did English and Media at Southampton. I’m doing this to save a bit of money, then I’m moving out, then I’ll go into film direction and editing.
Mihai: I live in Romania and I will never move. I love Romania, I love my city. I love everything about it. It’s beautiful it's perfect, it’s cheap. What else do you need?

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Aidan Walsh at Tomorrow Is Another Day

Would you like to introduce yourself?
I’m Aidan Walsh, I’m 18 and I’m from Ireland.

What agency are you from?
Tomorrow Is Another Day, it’s based in Germany.

What shows are you doing?
Rory Parnell Mooney at MAN.

Is this your first show?
Yep. Exited!

Do you do anything else apart from modelling?
Yeah, I’m in a full time dance college in London.

Do you think you’ll go on and continue dance?
Yeah. I’ll do this as well, because they’re quite similar with agencies and that, one helps with the other, it's all performance.

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Willem Vandeven at Premier Model Management

How did you find Burberry?
It was good, it was my first show.

What else do you do in your spare time?
I’m at college. I’m studying politics, English literature, history and sociology.

Do you have any idea what you wanna do next?
Probably uni and then modelling on the side.

Because it was your first show how did it feel?
Up until I actually got out there it was quite nerve racking, but once I was out it was fine.

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Freddie Dennis at D1 Models

Would you like to start by giving us your name and your agency?
My name’s Freddie Dennis and I’m from D1.

What show have you just come out of?
I’ve just done Burberry for the third time, which is quite good fun.

How are you finding modelling?
It’s good fun. I take a lot of time off school which is never good. I’m in my last year of school. I finish in June but I’m flying to Milan tomorrow morning, which is quite good fun.

What are you doing in school at the moment subject wise?
Economics, geography, history and Spanish.

Do you want to go to university? What’s next?
Yeah, but I want to have a gap year first and travel, because that’s what I’m interested in.

Other than modelling what else are you interested in?
I love football. Football is my main passion.

If you got to travel anywhere, where would you go?
I hope to go to South America next year because it looks good and I can practice my Spanish as well.

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William at Tomorrow Is Another Day

Where are you from, William?
I'm from Vancouver.

Do you want to live there forever?
No, I wanna live here. Well, I have a five year visa for the UK. I mean I would love to live in New York or Paris, but who doesn’t wanna live there?

What do you like to do?
I like to talk to people. I’m interested in meditation and quiet study and BEETHOVEN! I’m a pianist. I admit it. I studied classical piano and I taught for 7 years and I studied jazz.

How old are you?

You’ve done a lot for your age!
Yeah, but some people have done more.

That makes us feel like we've done nothing.
There’s still time. haha I like to take pictures too, everyone likes to take pictures.

Do you like to take pictures or do you like people taking pictures of you?
I like both actually. I like modelling now, because it's kind of a performance.

Do you perform on a runway?
It’s always different, because I wouldn’t walk down the street to that kind of music. Like DUH DUH DUH loud music.

Words and photographs by Liz Ord and Molly Baker.
Special thanks to Rachel Abebrese.

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