The Boy With The Tattoos

20 May 2015

Soft movements and expressions that satisfies your love for black and white photography. A sense of sincerity and freedom combined with a boyish face, ink that is smudged and articulated across the body. Eva describes Payden’s aura like little elements of magic that is so hard to define. Slick locks begin to fall out of place forming a rebellious side, as Payden walks bare footed and shirtless, his slender shadow reflects on the concrete.

Photographer, Eva Gii captures Payden Hayes at DNA Models through a series of low contrasted shots, enabling us to identify each detail that surrounds and defines this boy. She mixes blank canvases that solidify his beauty with a suburb surrounding, giving an instant youthful vibe as we meet two sides to Payden. Close ups allow us to get lost in the sparkle of innocence that’s exposed in his deep eyes, and linger on every emulated emotion. Watch Payden as his captivating gaze and charm takes you into another world away from reality.

A simple, casual look allows his illustrated body to be the main focus as Eva discovers Payden’s radiant and beautiful character, which powerfully unfolds through this series.

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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