“The 4th Floor” Collectors Issue!

26 July 2012

You may have seen some of "The 4th Floor" series, which we have been sharing with you over the past few months. To keep you pleased and surrounded by beauty during a rather cruel and cold winter you may say.

The series is a collection of images of boys photographed by Cecilie Harris in her London flat. It is a book about boys, the period of adolescence, the insecurities, the innocence. And although if you are a regular visitor of our website, and you would have seen these images online, there is nothing quite like looking at a hard copy of beautiful images flowing through the pages. There is something magical about seeing all these images merge together into one collection of chapters.

"I really wanted to capture a series of images of different boys in my own environment, capturing the more raw elements of the teenage boy. In a world with a lot of pre-conceptions of who they are, I wanted to explore and share their more honest and vulnerable sides. The teenage boy has an amazing magic within him, and to be able to capture it in beautiful images is something that's close to my heart." Cecilie Harris

As we reveal our fabulous cover below with the even more fabulous Luke Worrall (D1), we are reminded just how magic he was to shoot. Boys by Girls fave Matthew Bell (Elite) finishes off the collection with the closing chapter in the book as beautifully as only Matthew can, and was the perfect back cover for a publication we are incredibly proud of.

We will be showing you a peek inside the book next week, cause we think it's beautiful. If you can't wait, the collectors issue is now available for you to buy here!

If you want to go behind the scenes of how some of these images were captured, have a look here.

The4th Floor_Cover
The4th Floor_Back
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