Teaser: Jake Cooper at Select

30 July 2012

How can we talk about Jake Cooper (Select Models) without uncontrollably bursting into sharing all awesome information and images we have of him? Seriously, this takes some self control. But we are good, and will wait to share the stunning images we captured of him for our upcoming book "A Place Called Youth". But you know us already, don't you, so you know that we can't just share such exciting news without giving you a little treat of some sort.

Captured by Cecilie Harris, she can tell you quite a few good Jake stories. Including something about marmite. We cannot express enough how much adoration we have for this boy. Plus he gets extra points for correcting people who pronounce Cecilie's name wrong. Shooting him feels a bit like Christmas.
"We made a pinky swear that he will bring me more awesomeness in the future." Cecilie Harris
Check out Jake's Boys by Girls profile here.
The collection of images and polaroids below is a bit like toast and marmite. We'll tell you later why that makes total sense.
Phoenix_Jake Cooper NS6
Phoenix_Jake Cooper NS3
Phoenix_Jake Cooper NS5
Phoenix_Jake Cooper NS4
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