Six Boys And A Window

26 July 2013

We live in a time where we are constantly checking in, running late, or adding more. With our heads spinning it is nice to remind ourselves of the simple things. That breath of fresh air is exactly what we got with this stunning portrait series of six stunning boys from Premier Models, photographed by Sarah Stedeford. The boys photographed are: Brodie Smith, Tim Meiresone, Jack Breuer, Chuck Achike, Isaac Ekblad, and Stefan Lankreijer.

Sarah sat each boy next to a window of her London apartment as the early morning sun rose. She had a conversation with each boy, capturing real moments as they chatted over a cup of coffee. Stripping away stylists, and having no hair and make-up done on the shoot, Sarah brought a simple approach to showcase each boys natural beauty. The boys were all photographed how they walked in from the street, which gives us a glimpse at each boys every-day look. It also gives us an idea to who would be the best coffee date. Who would you pick to coffee with on a sunny morning?

At lot of great things don't need anything added. Vanilla ice cream, a cup of tea, or a nice walk in the sunshine, and we know these polaroid inspired snapshots aren't any different.

Words by Wyatt McCollum.

Premier Boys-Sarah-5
Premier Boys-Sarah-4
Premier Boys-Sarah-21
Premier Boys-Sarah-11
Premier Boys-Sarah-31
Premier Boys-Sarah-6
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