Silent Imprints

18 April 2016

Silent vibrations from within. Twirling in time with the wind in a rhythmic explosion, you release the pent up tensions. Delicately balancing across whistles of the wind, you stroke the rough texture of the pasture as it falls through your fingertips. Watch as the ripples of water disappear into the far corners of the lake, a reflection of the unique patterns of the human body. Your senses are absorbed with an artistic portrayal of bodily movement; sharp, yet controlled. Simply mesmerizing.

Photography is much like contemporary ballet in a way. Unfolding his story with a nostalgic beauty, photographer Caoimhe Hahn captures Harry Brooks at PRM Models, as he combines contemporary dance and modelling to create something poetically soothing. From gymnastics to contemporary dance and ballet, Harry started with performing routines to now conjuring stories that unveil elegance and grace. Caoimhe teases the dancer out of him and incorporates movement into a sequence of whimsical images captured in raw nature. Harry, silently imprinting his surroundings with his shapes.

You know that quote ‘dance like no one is watching?’ Why should that be the case? Dance like the whole world is watching. Create something that leaves an imprint, something that causes chills to take over your body and goose bumps to form on your arms and neck. Let it leave your hairs standing like soldiers in a parade; become your own masterpiece.

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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