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12 December 2015

It's that time of year again. The year is almost over and all we can think about is when it will all stop spinning for a little while, when we get put our feet up on the table without getting judged, we let work be work and put the pressures to constantly perform and out-do ourselves in our own constricted movies we call life to the side for a little. This one time every year where we get to focus on our family or whoever we are close to, simply enjoying some of life's pleasures, eating what the heart wants and giving gifts to those we care about. Spoiling the people around us to make them smile and spoil ourselves. This time of year can be wonderfully magic.

And although as we grow up and end up having everything we need and at the end of the day time will always be the best gift, sometimes being able to get that special thing that makes your world just that little bit more enjoyable or making your best friend happy, is the best thing. Sometimes you find little bits of treasures that will brighten up the day or make a home feel more like yours. Art is one of those things that is so unique and enable us to surround ourselves with beauty. Decorating our walls with a unique piece of art, can turn our rooms into the place we want to spend as much time as you can - simply because being surrounding by what is visuallyl pleasing to the eye makes us feel good.

The new Boys by Girls limited edition Illustration Collection is by the talented Matt Canning. The award winning illustrator, based on the south coast of England, presents you with a colourful collection includes three pieces that look as stunning side by side as they do on it's own. As Matt interprets issue 9's "Growing Sideways" theme he says; "I wanted to represent how our environment changes when we grow up, and to focus on objects that speak of this change. We carry with us all these meaningful things from adolesence into adulthood, almost as if childhood and adulthood exists side-by-side throughout our lives."

These illustrations are now available to buy in the BBG Shop.

Each illustration will be printed on German Etching 310 GSM Giclee paper, and all three illustrations are available in a limited edition of 100 prints. These will be signed and numbered by the artist. Optional black framing will allow you to bring the masterpieces to life on any wall they adorn.

To satisfy your hunger for beauty and cool things in your life, make sure to get yourself one of these unique pieces of art by browsing the Boys by Girls "Matt Canning" Illustration Collection.

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