Sean Joseph Young “Some Girls”

11 December 2012

Don't tell us we're not good at spotting talent. We started working with Sean Joseph Young (with many jokes about his last name included, which he always returned with a better joke), after we spotted his stunning look a couple of years back and was all charmed by his personality. We knew Sean would end up doing very cool things.

Having been a very busy boy lately, one of the many exciting projects he has been invovled in is his role in today's episode of new British series "Some Girls".

Some Girls is about the lives and loves of a group of quirky 16-year-old girls who play on the same school football team and live on the same inner city estate - taking in boys, sex, cliques, teachers, heartbreak, fun and even some football along the way.

Cecilie Harris spent some time taking some pretty pictures of Sean and taking to him about his role in the BBC3 TV comedy series and what else we can expect from him. Make sure to tune in tonight to BBC3 at 10pm to watch the episode!

For those that don't know you, what should they know about you? A "Sean in a nutshell" if you could?
I’m a happy go lucky, free thinking man who always wants to have a good time. I like to look at the brighter things in life and leave the darker things to when I’m alone, in a deliberately blackened corner of a room that mainly features bearded fisherman and the occasional retired stripper. I like long walks on the beach and the occasional fight with a bear. I also am a passionate and determined guy who just wants the best experiences. My acting and writing is my passion, which is mainly because of my desire to create and mould. But to answer your question, I’m a serious man who loves to smile.

When you say "man" is it ok that we respectfully disagree and call you a boy?
Well we can both go with dude! That's a good compromise, right? "Dudes by Girls" has a good ring to it!

Hmm a little unsure about that one, but are there any particular bear fighting stories you are able to share?
I once was involved in a battle on top of the roof tops of Somalia with a Russian bear by the name of Vigo. It lasted six agonising hours, with both of us nearly succumbing to exhaustion and the constantly reminded idea via the locals that we will have to fix what we break. By the end of it, we had a few beers, nice bloke.

Tell us a bit about "Some Girls".
Some Girls is a brilliant comedy focused on four inner city teenagers! It’s been on BBC Three at 10pm on Tuesdays and has received a large following.

Who is your character and how would you describe him?
My character is someone called Joe, who is referred to as “Book Boy” because he is quite the geek. He is shy, polite and caring as a teenager but is mainly known around the school as a keen book reader. To enhance this idea, my actual glasses were given to the character, which I am still unsure to whether I should be offended or not!

Any challenges or extra fun parts playing this role?
Well, without ruining the episode, there is a very fun bit at the end! But the main enjoyment was just being on set with such a great and friendly cast/crew. As an actor who is playing a guest role in a show where all the other actors have already established friendships, it can be quite difficult to fit in. On that set, it was not the case. They were nice and kind and allowed me into their family.

Another thing that I loved while playing the role is getting to act with Mandi (Mandeep Dhillon). She’s genuinely one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met, as well as a very good actress. Her commitment and work ethic was great during the days I was filming and I really enjoyed working with her. It’s always a rare thing to have a natural trust with someone in an acting sense, and I felt it with her in buckets. I hope I get to work with her again and I wish her the best because she deserves to be as successful as possible.

Why would the Boys by Girls viewers enjoy watching the episode tonight that you're in?
Because you’re all people of humour and can let your hair down to enjoy something! You’re all also very pretty.

Aww what a charmer. We need a couple of moments. Ok, good. What can we learn from "Some Girls"?
That the toughest girls can have heart and Dolly Wells is god.

What would you say your best talent is?
Probably my ability to communicate, which has it’s advantages. I’m also great at being single but having the desire to be in a relationship. So BBG, if you could be of assistance?

Yes, indeed we can. Would you like our appropriate or inappropriate suggestions?
I'd like both, merci!

Well we shall have a think and come back to you on that! In the meantime, how do you feel about tree climbing for example?
Well, if Example requires me to climb trees, I will. He seem’s like a nice enough person!

What are you currently up to?
Being filled with lust while using Twitter. I’m also currently filming a kids TV series in Liège! It’s a 26 episode show written and acted by some brilliant people! I play a character called Gilbert; he’s a slightly insane genius band manager. I’ve also got my own podcast show (One on Young) which was fun to do. Tonight I release the podcast featuring Mandi and I so, please do have a listen to that as well as the others! Plug plug plug plug.

What does your world look like in 5 years time?
Busy, which is what I want. I’ll hopefully be doing loads of acting/improvising and writing. I also would love to do loads of charity stuff (especially for Crohns disease).

What is your favourite thing in the world?
Waking up and remembering that you’ve put socks on the radiator. Liege is very cold. I’d say my friends and family, but they aren’t a thing, they are a metaphorical iridescent pearl to which I worship and appreciate every day. My favourite thing probably would be radiator socks, or BBQ ribs. Maybe even Twitter. Or the idea of a cocktail, getting carried away on them is dangerous.

Is it ok if we casually add ourselves to your list of favourite things in the world?
Of course you can, as long as I get a Chupa Chub!

Thanks Sean, we can't wait to see what else you're up to, make sure to check in with us soon again! You can also follow Sean on Twitter @SeanJosephYoung. Feel free to tell him nice things. You can also listen to his Podcasts here.

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